Gentlemen… Start Your Goats!

Yesterday was a very important day. It was the 26th annual Falmouth goat races, but more importantly, it means that there are only 30 shopping days left until my birthday!Now that the blantant birthday advertisement is out of the way…
On to the goat pictures!


Some people have expressed concern over the lack of updates this week.Bone is alive and well, and has not fallen victim to Loki, or the Frost Giants!

Sadly, I have very little to report.

I have been unable to get my butt out of bed in time to ride the bike this week. I have been working on another project (not related to biking or smoking), which has been taking up all my time. If all goes well today, I should have something to report later this afternoon.

I have also not been smoking, which makes tommorow afternoon a milestone, as it will be the longest I have gone without a smoke in almost 4 years (my last major effort to quit smoking failed spectacularly on 10/13/2000.)

If Loki is planning any foolishness, he had better do it soon. The sun will soon be in Scorpius, and I will become invincible! 🙂