Rider on the Storm

Elapsed Time: 00:15:25
Max Speed: 20.0mph
Average Speed: 10.3mph
Distance: 2.64 miles

Hurricane Shmuricane.
It rained. I got wet.
I am one with nature.

Lessons Learned:
1. People in cars are extra nice to you when they think you are insane.
2. Gore-Tex is very cool, but I need a jacket designed for cycling. Putting your backpack under your jacket makes it rise up in the back, and then water gets in your pants.
3. I need to come up with a way to keep my shoes dry.
4. I might want to get fenders for the commuter-bike. Deep puddles throw alot of water on you.
5. If I had a padlock, I ccould hang my wet stuff in the lockers at work to dry out. My Gore-Tex stuff is expensive, and I don’t want it stolen.

Ride Home
Elapsed Time: 00:20:25
Max Speed: 20.8mph
Average Speed: 9.9mph
Distance: 3.37 miles

The odometer on the diamondback now reads 206.2 miles! Yippee!

5 Weeks (cha-ching!)

Well, only one more week on the 21mg patches.I was thinking about the financial impact of the smoking stuff. I was smoking about 1.5 packs per day before. A pack costs about $4.50.

So… 1.5 * $4.50 * 7 = $47.25 per week!

Nicotine patches cost about $50 for a 14 day supply ($25.00/week).

So far, I have saved $47.25-$25.00 = $22.25 per week for the last five weeks.

So, I’ve saved a grand total of $111.25 so far!

Yee haw!

Bike Ride Summary for weeks 5:

21.92 miles

Gentlemen… Start Your Goats!

Yesterday was a very important day. It was the 26th annual Falmouth goat races, but more importantly, it means that there are only 30 shopping days left until my birthday!Now that the blantant birthday advertisement is out of the way…
On to the goat pictures!

Ride to work

Elapsed Time: 00:12:11
Max Speed: 25.7mph
Average Speed: 12.2mph
Distance: 2.48 miles
Ride Home
I went all crazy ways through Shiremanstown, chasing squirrels and getting chased by the same Dalmation that chased me yesterday. :-)
Shiremanstown is like bikerider paradise. The streets are crazy wide, there’s no hills, almost no traffic, and there are great big trees to make lots of shade. I should move there…

Elapsed Time: 00:26:59
Max Speed: 15.6mph
Average Speed: 8.6mph
Distance: 3.89 miles

Equinox Commute

I managed to squeeze my laptop, a change of clothes, and my lunch into a backpack and rode to work on the old Diamondback. I should have more room in the backpack tommorow, since I’m gonna leave my work shoes in my desk. I need to find a better way to carry luggage though.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, which means I’m going to have to look seriously at lighting systems for my bike if I really want to commute. It’s going to be getting dark out early and staying dark out late.  🙁:-(

To Work:
Elapsed Time: 00:12:04
Max Speed: 28.0mph
Average Speed: 11.5mph
Distance: 2.31 miles

I decided after work to come home via City Island, to see how this whole commute to school thing is going to work…It didn’t go too well. Traffic on the west shore is terrible. It’s pretty much impossible to make a left-hand turn. I think I spent as much time waiting for an opening in traffic as I did pedaling. I will have to look for an alternate route.

From Work:
Elapsed Time: 01:17:26
Max Speed: 25.2mph
Average Speed: 10.2mph
Distance: 13.24 miles
Flicked off: 4 times
Chased by dog: 1 time

Eek! Bone is a Fatass!

Since I began this whole endeavor (in July), I have gained 24 pounds!This simply will not do.

While I’m sure some of this is muscle, as my legs are a good bit stronger than before, the vast majority of it must be fat!

I must be eating too much and riding too little.

Fear not, gentle readers. I have a plan.

I must become a full-blown bicycle commuter. That way, I have to ride everyday, and I can only eat what I bring with me.

Yes, I only live 2 miles from the office, big whoop.

I live about 15 miles from school, however. I work 5 days/week and I have school 2 nights/week. If I can pull this off, I should be logging around 80 miles/week!

If I switch my working schedule from 8-5 to 7-4, I will have 2 hours to get to school before class starts at 6:00. As long as I’m able to maintain 10mph, I should make it there with 30 minutes to spare in case I need a shower or whatever. The new schedule should also help me avoid some of the traffic! Woo Hoo! I’m all excited now!

Sunday Roll

Today was an ideal bike riding day. So, I wanted to enjoy myself and just roll around and not worry about my heart rate, etc. I made a map, but I got lost so many times and changed my route so much, I ended up all over the place…Camp Hill, Lemoyne, New Cumberland. I tried to get to Wormlesyburg, but the Susquehanna River got in my way…


Downtown Harrisburg and some of New Cumberland have been evacuated!

Elapsed Time: 01:32:06
Max Speed: 31.1mph
Average Speed: 10.8mph
Distance: 16.58 miles

3 Weeks! (and Goat Racing!!)

Three weeks without a smoke! I even engaged in some moderate drinking over the weekend, and managed to control myself.Assuming all goes according to plan, I will be celebrating my first smoke-free month by attending the Falmouth Goat Races on Sept 25th.

If you’ve never witnessed the break-neck excitement of goat racing, you owe it to yourself to check this out.