Yesterday’s commute was my 7th ride to work. Since my commute by car is 2 miles each way, I have now commuted 28 miles.My car gets around 28 miles to a gallon of gas (in town), so I have officially saved one gallon of gas by riding my bike so far!


If you count the fact that I normally drive home for lunch, I saved 2 gallons!

I can hear the Saudi royal family trembling with fear already! JIHAD!!!

9 Weeks

Woo Woo! Still no cigarettes, but the generic patches suck. I will be happy to go back to the square ones.

In other news, I have aquired a kitty.
This little beasty was living under a pile of cardboard outside my girlfriend’s workplace, crying and looking pathetic. So, now he lives with me.


The little turd needed a name, and after a quick google search for famous cat names, we settled on Cringer. Cringer was He-Man’s cat’s name when he was in normal mode. (Before the Powers of Greyskull transformed him into Battle-Cat)

He-man's cringer

Bike Ride Summary for week 9:

22 miles

Ride Downtown

As part of the quest to find a safe route to Middletown, I made a trek (my first) across the river into downtown Harrisburg. The Capital Greenbelt seemed like a good way to bypass the downtown traffic. My map program doesn’t list the Greenbelt as a routable road, so I needed to find a way so get the locatation of the greenbelt entered into the map program.


My bike is now equipped with GPS navigation. I am the alpha geek!

The black line on the map is what the GPS recorded my location to be. Unfortunately, Delorme’s map doesn’t always line up, that’s why it looks like I was riding my bike through the river, but I really wasn’t.

Elapsed Time: 01:51:46
Max Speed: 30.4mph
Average Speed: 9.7mph
Distance: 18.10 miles


Let There Be More Light

I finally got my PlanetBike headlight installed, and I made it in through the rain and dark today. Unfortunately, I forgot to plug in my cyclocomputer, so no stats for this ride.

8 Weeks

2 whole months without a cigarette. Holy crap.

The drugstore ran out of Nicoderm patches, so I am now using the CVS generic brand. The only difference is that the Nicoderm ones are square, and the generic ones are round. This makes them a bit more of a pain to put on.

I was out of town all last week, so no bike riding to report on :-(

7 Weeks

7 weeks! I think I’m adjusted to the 14mg patches now. There were a few instances of withdrawl symptoms last week (headaches and dizziness mostly), and I had to chew gum once.

Cycling Summary for week 7: 46.83 Miles

Sunday Ride

It was another perfect day for a bike ride. I went rolling around through Mechanicsurg. I got lost in a housing development, and found a corn field to go pee in. I guess this was what was left of the farm they bulldozed to make room for the McMansions.

I’m gonna have to find some other urination solution once the farmers all harvest thier corn…or the real estate developers pave it all…

Elapsed Time: 01:29:12
Max Speed: 24.8mph
Average Speed: 11.4mph
Distance: 16.95 miles

15 Miles on Rail Trails

My sister and I rode on some rail-trails today. This was her first time on a bicycle in 4 years, so we went slow.

Elapsed Time: 02:04:52
Max Speed: 18.1mph
Average Speed: 7.4mph
Distance: 15.45 miles

We did the Conewago trail, which led to the Lebanon Valley Trail.

Along the way, we saw lots of animals, and I took some pictures.
Warning: These are big-ass 1600×1200 JPGs.
The entrance to the Conewago Trail
A goat
A horse
Some cows
Some pigs
And even a Llama!
The entrance to Lebanon County
A map of the LVRT

Cold Commute

Rode in to work in the cold.
Elapsed Time: 0:15:47
Max Speed: 21.1mph
Average Speed: 9.3mph
Distance: 2.45 miles

Ride Home:
Elapsed Time: 01:08:17
Max Speed: 22.9mph
Average Speed: 10.5mph
Distance: 11.98 miles