Errands in the Rain

I needed to go buy my last box of nicotine patches, and I thought it would be nice to make this historic voyage on my bike. Fortunately, it was pouring down rain, so I got to test out the new fenders I put on the commuter.I figured I might was well make a stop at the bank while I was out. When I pulled into the drive-through at the bank, the lady looked at me like I was nuts. I guess she doesn’t get too many big, gore-tex clad dudes on bicycles. I think she thought I was looking for directions or something. After I took my deposit slips out of a zip-lock baggie, she got the idea.I wore my gore-tex hiking boots in an effort to keep my feet dry. My feet did indeed stay warm and dry, but they kept slipping off the pedals when I changed gears. Very uncool. I’ll have to re-think this. I’ll probaby end up getting bear-trap style pedals.


Elapsed Time: 00:51:29
Max Speed: 24.8mph
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Distance: 9.6 miles

Trainer Spin

Ok. I changed my mind about keeping stats on trainer rides. They can’t be directly compared with real rides, but they can be compared to each other, hopefuly they will show an improving trend.Elapsed Time: 00:35:45
Max Speed: 31.8mph
Average Speed: 15.1mph
Distance: 9.02 miles

11 Weeks

I survived my 1st week on the 7mg patches. This transition wasn’t as painful as the 21mg – 14mg transition. I think I only chewed one piece of gum last week.

Summary for week 11:

5 miles and 45 minutes on the trainer. Better than last week, but still pretty pathetic.

Curse the Darkness

I spent some time this weekend tearing apart the commuter bike (and adding fenders I got for my birthday (thanks, Mom!)). When I finally got all the stuff back together, it was dark out.

I also got some warmer cycling clothes for my birthday, so I geared up for a nighttime ride. I only went about 5 miles, just in case the bike fell apart. It was pretty cool. It’s pretty neat to see the stars from a bicycle.

I was overdressed. says it’s 56 degrees outside, and I probably would have been OK with less stuff.

I’m thinking of getting a british-style saddle bag for the commuting. I don’t think the rack-and-panniers method will accomodate my big feet.

I’m going to Boston to see the man this month. Hopefully he can hook me up.

Election Day Trainer Ride

Work, School, daylight savings time, and the vast right-wing conspiracy have all made it hard to find time to ride lately, so I set my trainer up in my home office so I can ride after work.I did about 45 minutes today. I don’t think it makes sense to measure trainer rides in miles or mph so I’m just measuring time and a best-guess average heart rate.

So, it was about 45 minutes @ approx 140bpm.

I’m Bone J. Killian, and I approved this message.

10 Weeks

I started the 7mg patches yesterday. So far, so good. I also have suffered a mechanical failure on my commuter bike. I think the problem is minor enough that I’m going to try to tackle the repairs myself. I ordered a tool from Harris Cyclery, mainly because I think their web page is bad-ass.

Bike Ride Summary for Week 10: 4 miles.

That’s just pathetic.