Trainer Ride

Elapsed Time: 01:57:25
Max Speed: 21.9mph
Average Speed: 15.4mph
Distance: 30.25 miles

As I sit here typing this, I just noticed that there is dried salt all over my face!
How cool is that?!

Short Ride

Due to scheduling conflicts, I am switching today’s ride with tommorow’s. I did the nine miler today.

Elapsed Time: 00:34:11
Max Speed: 19.0mph
Average Speed: 15.9mph
Distance: 9.06 miles

Trainer Ride

A little faster than usual. My legs are sore from yesterday though :-(Elapsed Time: 00:37:29
Max Speed: 23.4mph
Average Speed: 16.0mph
Distance: 10.03 miles

Brisk Trainer Ride

Since I missed yesterday’s ride, I tried to make it up today. The plan called for 12 brisk miles, meaning “Zone 3 with surges into Zone 4.” I don’t know if I miscalculated my max hr, or if I’m just in really bad shape, but I could barely get my heart to go into zone 3 for a few minutes at a time. I think zone 4 is a myth.In other news, all the Harrisburg area roadies seem to have emerged from hibernation. I went to Holmes to get some tubes, and the parking lot was full! On my way to school Teusday, I passed at least 6 or 7 different spandex-clad gentlemen (and one such gentle-lady) astride carbon fiber steeds, zipping all over downtown Harrisburg.

Elapsed Time: 00:44:21
Max Speed: 25.8mph
Average Speed: 16.2mph
Distance: 12.03 miles

Lunch Ride

I did 45 minutes on the trainer (Trek still).
I figure that’s good for 10 miles.

I have to get a tube for the Lemond….. I think I need a different stem for the Trek, my back is killing me.

25 Weeks

I rode about 40 miles this week, but the plan called for 77. No good. I will attempt to do week 1 over again this week.

My legs are good and sore after yesterday’s ride, and I’m having a little saddle trauma.

Maiden Voyage for the Trek

The plan called for nine miles today, and I wanted to take out the Trek.


I still don’t have a computer on the Trek (but I did order a B17 and a frame pump for it). Anyways, I did 4.5 miles (out and back) of my usual route to City Island. It’s a mostly quiet residential streets, much nicer than that abominable Carlisle Pike.The weather was pretty nice, but not nice enough for shorts. My total disdain for fashion and style served me well, as you can see from the pictures.


Besides showing off my sexy ankles, this method keeps the chain from chewing up my pants.


The Trek handles a lot different from the Lemond. In some ways I like it better, in other ways, it’s really lame. I do like the 27″x1.25″ Tires, just enough cushiness without being slow. The downtube shifters are really hard to get to in a hurry, so I find myself shifting less. I was surprised how many times I was reaching for my (nonexistant) STI, only to think ’screw it, it’s not worth reaching all the way down there to shift.’

The Trek also has Biopace chainrings, which don’t seem to make any difference at all, as far as I can tell. If I hadn’t looked at them, I never would have known they weren’t round.


The gearing doesn’t feel as low as it is in the Lemond, which made my climb up Slate Hill a challenge. My hill climbing abilities are laughable, but I made it to the top without getting off to push. my HR pegged out at 172bpm, which is the highest I’ve ever seen it.

Elapsed Time: ?
Max Speed: ?
Average Speed: ?
Distance: 9.12 miles

Trek back from the Shop!

I finally got my Trek back from the shop. I put it in the trainer and sat on it for the first time since I got it! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need a new stem, and downtube shifters are going to take some getting used to, but I like it already!

Woo Hoo!