I have joined the cult of Rivendell. I got a Baggins handlebar bag, and it’s bad-ass. The Carradice saddlebag is nice for commuting, but it’s overkill for anything else. I think this bag should hold all the stuff I need for my rides and then some. It looks cool too.


I understand that it glows blue in the presence of orcs

I mounted the bag on my Lemond, and it doesn’t interfere with my STI brifters or cabling, but I really bought it for the Trek, which is still in the shop…

My exams are over for now, so hopfully, I’ll get back on track tommorow. I’ll have to try to finish week #1 next week.

Best Laid Plans

I was planning to do my ride on my lunch break today, but a meeting ran long at work. I can’t do it after work, because I have an exam tonight (and one tommorow) that I need to cram for. My next opportunity to ride will be Thursday, which is supposed to be a day off!

I’m going to have to figure out a better scheduling system (when I have the time)….

24 Weeks

I rode 23.86 miles this week. My Trek is still not done!
If anyone can recommend a good bike shop in the general vicinity of Camp Hill, please leave a comment.

Back in the Saddle

lowered the saddle on the Lemond. It made a bigger difference than I thought. It hadn’t occured to me that, since the seat tube is on an angle, moving the seat up and down also moves it forward and back. The b.17 sits higher from the rails than the stock Bontrager saddle, so I was too far up, and too far back. I am hoping that’s all there was to my back (and hand) pain.Elapsed Time: 00:50:50
Max Speed: 22.4mph
Average Speed: 15.1mph
Distance: 12.83 miles

While I rode, I watched more Star Trek, Charlie X this time.

My new bike is still in the shop… when I called to ask about it, they said I should have it back Monday.

My Cats are Cyborgs

Cringer can now sing Castrato.
The vet weighed him at 7.5lbs, but did not indicate if that was pre-op or post-op.

He also got a computer chip implanted in his skin so we can find him if he ever gets lost. Wista came with one of the chips already installed.

Cringer sleeps it off with his tweety bird toy:


Wista and Cringer have too many toys:


Training Plan

I am posting a rough copy of the training plan for Klinutus and I to coordinate our training efforts…..

Training Plan v.04

Week Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total



1 6 10 12 Off 10 30 9 77
2 7 11 13 Off 11 34 10 86
3 8 13 15 Off 13 38 11 98
4 8 14 17 Off 14 42 13 109
5 9 15 19 Off 15 47 14 119
6 11 15 21 Off 15 53 16 131
7 12 15 24 Off 15 59 18 143
8 13 15 25 Off 15 65 20 153
9 15 15 25 Off 15 65 20 155
10 15 15 25 Off 10 5 Easy 100 170


  • Easy – leisurely ride for recovery (Zone 1 Heart Rate)
  • Pace – intended century speed (Zone 2 Heart Rate)
  • Brisk – faster than intended century speed (Zone 3 heart rate with a few surges into zone 4)

Heart Rate Zones: (rough guess at best)

  • Zone 1: less than 123 bpm
  • Zone 2: 124-160 bpm
  • Zone 3: 161-178 bpm
  • Zone 4: 180.5-190


  • Initial weekly foundation of 45-50 miles

Date Mappings:

  • Week 9 Must occur prior to Sept 18th (Three Creeks Century)


  • Find a better approximation for max heart rate


  • v.04 – Removed ACS ride date mapping
  • v.03 – Added Heart rate zone definitions
  • v.02 – Added Date mappings, corrected formatting problems
  • v.01 – Initial Release

Cringer gets a little sister

Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice.

Cringer gets lonely when Brandi and I are at work all day, so we went to the animal shelter, and picked out a sister for him, so he’d have someone to play with.
She was a stray, too.


I thought she looked like an Ewok, so we named her Wista. For those of you who don’t know your Star Wars lore, Wista was the younger sister of Wicket, the famous Ewok from Return of the Jedi.