I finally got around to wrapping the bars on the Trek. This is my first time ever wrapping a handlebar, and, all things considered, I think I did ok.Here you can see how I mummified half of my 48cm Noodle bars with cloth tape. I ran out of tape partway and had to start another roll. Maybe I’ll wrap the other side tomorrow.


After the smashing success of Dr. Mudflap, I decided it was time to make one for the Trek. I was too lazy to dig out the Dremel, and I didn’t have any milk jugs handy.

So, I made one out of duct tape.


The weatherman is calling for Monsoon conditions the next few days, so we’ll see how it works.

Trainer Ride

I did my thing on the trainer today. I listened to just about an entire episode of LUGradio during the ride.

Elapsed Time: 00:49:45
Max Speed: 21.0mph
Average Speed: 15.6mph
Distance: 13.00 miles

Study Break / Trainer Ride

I took a personal day from work to stay home and study for my discrete math exam. After a few hours my brain started to hurt, and the Lemond was right behind my chair feeling neglected, so I ground off 11 miles as per the plan.Elapsed Time: 00:41:56
Max Speed: 22.2mph
Average Speed: 15.8mph
Distance: 11.04 miles

31 Weeks!

Holiday stuff and rain kind of screwed up my weekend rides. I have 2 major exams this week, so I’m not optimisitc. On the bright side, I saw a frog hopping across the road today, so It’s officially spring. School/moving will be over soon, and then there will be no excuses.

I rode 40.64 miles this week, which is better than last week, and better than Klinutus’ 25.21 miles, but still is pretty pathetic.

I commuted to work twice and I rode to the bank once, so that’s about 18 miles worth of Jihad.

The odometer on my car reads 67,271 miles. I’m not sure if this will turn into a useful statistic or not, but I’m going to record it anyway, in case I decide to measure Jihad as a percentage instead of in absolute miles.

Wista gets Fixed

Wista is back from the vet. She was spayed, so we don’t have to worry about neighborhood alley cats knocking her up. Not that she’s allowed outside the house anyways.They also found worms. Yuck. Now we have to make another appointment for worm medicine. I’ll get a picture up as soon as she crawls out from under the bed. (Of the cat, not of the worms)
She’s still a little groggy.


As promised, here is a picture. Both cats seem enthralled by XScreenSaver. It’s not really visible in the picture, but that’s the Apple2 hack.


Quickie on the trainer

Only had time for a quickie between work and my next appointment…Elapsed Time: 00:27:09
Max Speed: 21.1mph
Average Speed: 15.7mph
Distance: 7.09 miles

Trainer Ride

I finished up yesterday’s failed ride. I had 1 banana 20 minutes before riding. No bonk, but I ran out of time on my lunch break.

Elapsed Time: 00:34:57
Max Speed: 24.4mph
Average Speed: 15.8mph
Distance: 9.25 miles

Come, mister tally man…

I ran home at lunch time to try to squeeze in a trainer ride. I did something wrong, because after one mile, I was feeling lightheaded and shakey. After 3 miles I felt like I was gonna pass out. So, I got off and got something to eat.I think I need to find the optimum pre-ride food. As I see it there are three variables:

  1. What to eat – Bananas? Powerbars? Beer? Maybe some combination?
  2. How much of it to eat – Just enough not to bonk. There’s no point in eating extra calories just so I can work out. Kind of defeats the purpose
  3. How long before the ride to eat – I want the carbs to start entering my bloodstream just as I start turning the pedals

When I ride in the mornings, this usually works
what = banana
How_long_before_ride=30 minutes

Bananas are a pain in the ass though, because you have to time thier purchase and consumption exactly. They are green in the store, then it takes a day to two before they turn yellow. Then you have a window of maybe 3 days to eat them before they get all gross. They do have the advantages of low cost, and nice bio-degradable packaging.

I wonder how much Jihad there is in having someone ship produce from equador (or wherever bananas are from) to Pennsylvania, so I can ride my bike to save gas.

I don’t know how fuel efficient a banana boat is, nor do I know how many bananas one boat can carry, so maybe there is marginal Jihad, since I can go about 7 miles to a banana.


Elapsed Time: 00:12:50
Max Speed: 19.9mph
Average Speed: 15.4mph
Distance: 3.30 miles

Two in a Row!

Ride In:

I think I have enough time after work to ride home, shower, and hop in the car to get to school. So, I rode in today. I made an 11 mile loop, but I missed a turn, so it might have been more like 12. With the 2.5 miles to get home, I’ll be at 14 miles, which overshoots the plan by three!

Ride Home:

It got nice and sunny and warm today. Kick ass. I made it home, so that makes about 14 miles for the day. Now, I have to get ready for school. This will be the first time my car has moved in over 48 hours.

How’s that for Jihad?!

1st Commute for the Trek

Ride In:

Rode in on the Trek today. I don’t think I’ll have cause for the studs anymore this year, but I’m leaving them on the Diamondback, just in case.

I have some banking to do after work. I think the bank is about 2 miles from the office, so I’m estimating 7 miles of Jihad for the day. This coincides with the 7 easy miles called for by the plan!

Errands and Ride Home:

The lady at the drive thru window at the bank didn’t act all freaked out like the one did last time, which was cool. maybe because it wasn’t pouring down rain this time.

I’m really starting to love the Trek. It’s super comfortable, and the touring geometry makes it nice and stable. The 1-3/8″ tires make it practical for commuting, because sometimes you get forced into the gravel along the road, and you don’t want to do that on 23mm tires. It feels a bit slower than the Lemond, but big whoop. I’m not Lance Armstrong. I haven’t ridden the Lemond outside since I got a flat I couldn’t fix, and even though I now have a pump that would work, the Lemond doesn’t have anywhere to put a pump. I guess I’ll have to buy one of those fancy CO2 inflater thingies, or else sell the bike altogether. Anyways…

The plan called for 7 easy miles, I did 7 easy miles. All 7 miles count toward Jihad!
Woo Hoo!