30 Weeks

A pretty piss-poor week as far as the Plan is concerned.A grand total of 25 miles.
I only commuted once, so that’s either 4 or 8 miles of Jihad, depending on if you count lunch.30 weeks * 7 days /week * 1.5 packs/day * $4.50/pack = $1,417.50Ha ha, Charade you are, Phillip Morris!

Saturday Ride

Today I didn’t really feeling like riding, but I figured I’d just go around the block to see how the new 1-3/8″ tires felt on the Trek. They felt pretty good. So good, that I ended up going for a pretty long ride. I don’t have much in the way of stats, but I’m estimating it was about 20 miles.I went to City Island and then North along the greenbelt to Vaughn St. Then I turned around and came back.

Somewhere along the way, I lost one of the bolts that holds the front fender on. I think I might replace that one with a zip-tie. I was glad to have the fenders though. A flock of geese seems to have made riverfront park its home, and there was goose poop all over the place.

Since I wasn’t planning to be out very long, I didn’t bother with the padded bike shorts. The new B.17 was surprisingly comfortable without any padding.

I took a few pictures.


I thought this goose looked cool in the sun.

This part is what I needed the bigger tires for. Some of these cement blocks are all cracked up.

A “Welcome to Harrisburg” sign.

The Harrisburg skyline

I didn’t mean for the picture to turn out like this… Write your own joke. Government, ass, etc.

I love my GIS software

Yes, we have no bananas

Ride In:

Just couldn’t seem to get into the groove this morning. We ran out of bananas so I didn’t have anything to eat before the ride. Maybe I started out already bonked. Maybe there are still flu bugs in my legs. Maybe the past two weeks of slacking are starting to catch up to me.

Check out that max speed though! 30mph on studs! Yehaw!

Elapsed Time: 01:00:37
Max Speed: 30.1mph
Average Speed: 9.2mph
Distance: 9.36 miles
Jihad: 2.52 miles

Ride Home:

Instead of dicking around with all the clothes and everything, I just rode home in my business attire. I also left my towel and toiletries in my locker at work. I left my U lock attached to the bike rack at the office. I figure, if anyone steals it, it was worthless anyhow.

Elapsed Time: 00:20:25
Max Speed: 17.8mph
Average Speed: 7.4mph
Distance: 2.52 miles
Jihad: 2.52 miles


Today was the first real ride on the B.72 saddle. It’s like a barcalounger on wheels. It actually makes you want to slow down, take your time, and watch the scenery.

Elapsed Time: 01:21:02
Max Speed: 30.1mph
Average Speed: 8.8mph
Distance: 11.88 miles
Jihad: 5.04 miles

Tricky Weather

Spring commuting makes it hard to plan your attire


Weather.com says it’s gonna be less than 26F for the morning commute and more than 43F for the afternoon.

I think I need a bigger saddlebag. In fact, I think I can make a general rule of cold weather commuting….

Bone’s 1st rule of cold weather commuting:

If you can’t ride home naked, your saddlebag isn’t big enough.

Movin on up

It’s official, I’m moving.
Not quite soon enough, It seems. The water heater in my current apartment shit the bed last night.

Oh well.
My commute will be 5.11 miles each way. 10.22 miles of Jihad every time I ride my bike to work. Yeehaw!

In other news, my illness seems to be going away without need for medical attention, so I should be back on the bike tommorow.

No Ride again

I didn’t ride today because I still feel like crap, and after work, I have an appointment to go sign the lease for the townhouse I was talking about earlier.If I don’t feel better soon, I guess I’ll have to go seek medical attention. Ugh :-(I managed to get the fenders on the Trek this weekend. I got one of the new tires installed (the rear), but I almost passed out doing that, so I haven’t put the front one on yet…

It’s coming along, slowly. Not quite as nicely as Jim’s new Trek, though…

29 Weeks

Only rode 9 miles this week. I’ve been sick all week, and I still feel like crap.The slacker challenge was a spectacular failure.

4 Miles of Jihad, though.
From Hell’s Heart, I stab at thee!!


Ride In:

There was a little snow on the roads from last night. Nothing bad though.
I think I need to make some adjustments to the DiamondBack… That new saddle isn’t quite what I expected. I think if I raise the bars it’ll be more comfortable. It wasn’t bad, just not as wonderful as I expected.

Elapsed Time: 00:16:25
Max Speed: 25.5mph
Average Speed: 8.9mph
Distance: 2.44 miles
Jihad: 2.00 miles

Ride Home:

I forgot to put the computer on the bike….
Jihad: 2.00 miles

Total Jihad:

4 miles!

Pimp My Ride

My care package from Harris arrived today. Got some fenders and tires for the Trek, and a plush


Check out the gnarly springs. Plus, it already had one of those suspenstion seat posts, so it should be some comfy cruising.


I’m still living on NyQuil, but I’m gonna try to ride her in to work tommorow, just to see how she feels.