Another Possible Commute

Brandi and I are looking at another apartment, this time, the commute is only 3.75 miles long and has only 21.9 feet of elevation change in it. I could do this commute with a singlespeed!.

Flat Commute


This one won’t be happening… no central air. That’s a dealbreaker.

Still Sick, No Commute

I am still sick, so the accusations of being a girlie man are tolerable. I have not had so much as a sniffle since before I quit smoking and started riding. I think I actually had myself convinced that my immune system was invincible….

oops… Guess not.

No ride today

I have a cold (or maybe the flu?) . I am home today, so no ride. This is the first time I’ve had a chest cold since I quit smoking. Wierd, when I wake up with a tight chest my brain still says “man, I gotta quit smoking.” It takes a few seconds for “oh yeah, I already did” to follow.Since I’m sitting here all bored and stuff, I think I might try to upgrade the website to the latest version of WordPress. I’m running version 1.2.1, and version 1.5 has been out for a while. WordPress is supposed to have “Dead simple upgrades and installation.”

We’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything gets all messed up for a while.


The wordpress upgrade was a flaming disaster. was annihilated temporarily. I got everything restored from backup, and I think everything works. We are still at 1.2.1…

Aborted Commute

I got about half way into my ride to work, when I realized I forgot to bring a towel. So, I went home and showered and drove in. 🙁

Elapsed Time: 00:31:40
Max Speed: 26.2mph
Average Speed: 7.9mph
Distance: 4.18 miles
Jihad: 0.00 miles

Duck, Duck, Goose!

It was pretty nice outside today (in the 50s) so I took out the Trek. Our destination was the Duck Pond in Boiling Springs, about 14 miles away.

Every time I go out, it seems like I have to ride further to get to the scenery.

Look at this: Some asshat plopped his particleboard McMansion in the middle of a corn field. He who walks behind the rows is not amused.

Particleboard mansions in the corn

Right before you get to Boiling Springs, you cross the Appalachian Trail. Bikes are not allowed, but I did venture in on foot to yellow the snow.

Appalachian Trail

When I finally made it to the duck pond, there were lots of people outside.

The official sign

Ducks and Geese and Swans

Swans and Geese

Ducks and Geese

Ride Out:

I forgot to turn on the GPS until I got to the duck pond :-(

Ride Home:

There is still no computer on the Trek, so these stats are from the GPS:
Total Distance: 13.5 miles
Moving Time: 01:05
Stopped: 00:2:19
Max Speed: 24.7mph
Moving Average: 12.3mph
Overall Average: 11.8

Grand Total

27 miles! (Perhaps a bit too long on a brand new Brooks….ouch)

My Route Home

Bad Dog!

I was upstate today to visit family, but I brought the trek along. I wanted to get a feel for the new bars before I wrapped them.It was pretty warm out (above freezing anyhow), and I didn’t think to bring gloves along. About a half mile into the trip, a big, nasty Rottweiler(I think) decided to come running after me. He didn’t look too friendly, so I clicked up a few cogs, stood up, and prepared to flee.My bike made a strange noise and didn’t want to go…

In my haste, I had somehow managed to tear the rear wheel out of the drop outs. I didn’t wreck though. The dog stopped at the edge of his yard, and continued to bark at me while I got the rear wheel tightened back up.

I continued on my way, but bare aluminum with no gloves is EVIL cold. I decided to cut the ride (extremely) short and went inside to get warmed up.

I only rode for 20 minutes, but so far I LOVE the noodle bars. Very comfy. The only problem is since I got the 48cm version and jacked them up a bit, there’s not enough brake cable to wrap them. So, now I need to get new brake cable and housing for the left bar.

There is still no computer on the Trek, so these stats are from the GPS:

Total Distance: 3.63 miles
Moving Time: 00:23:46
Stopped: 00:4:59
Max Speed: 19.1mph
Moving Average: 9.2mph
Overall Average: 7.6

Here is what happens if you track your bike with GPS and import it into Topo USA 5.0

GPS log for the trip

No commute

No commute today, as I had an appointment with a real estate guy. I have run out of patience with the antics of the children downstairs.

Anyways, in the apartment I looked at, I will have the downstairs, the upstairs, and the up-up stairs. Huzzah.

I calculated the commute to work by bicycle, and it’s not that bad. 5.11 miles each way. The commute by car looks to be a straight shot down the highway.

My potential new commute


Brrrr. 19F this morning

Ride In

Elapsed Time: 00:16:16
Max Speed: 20.8mph
Average Speed: 9.2mph
Distance: 2.50 miles
Jihad: 2.00 miles

Ride Home

Elapsed Time: 00:20:09
Max Speed: 17.9mph
Average Speed: 8.1mph
Distance: 2.73 miles
Jihad: 2.00 miles

Slacker Challenge

I’ve been slacking lately. The last time I rode was Friday. I was having some wierd muscle soreness in my legs. Today is the first day they haven’t been sore. Overtraining maybe?To put and end to my slacker ways, once again, I call upon the motivational powers of public humiliation:

If I fail to commute (by bicycle) to work Tommorow, Friday, and every day next week, you are all encouraged to leave comments in my blog calling me all manner of nasty names, and hurling whatever insults you find appropriate and/or amusing.

7 days of commuting is good for 56 miles (2 gallons) of Jihad!