35 Weeks

Another sorry-ass week bike-wise. Due to a ridiculous series of events, my bike is still at the office. So I only did 6 miles total for the week.

I still have alot of work to do at the old apartment, and I have finals next week, but I’m almost out of the woods for the summer.

Comcast hooked up my cable today, so I no longer need to steal bandwidth from my neighbors.

Commute – Bone Rides Again!

I found my helmet, so I rode in to work from the new apartment. I didn’t take the shortest possible route, because I couldn’t remember how it goes. I took the simplest route, which is about 6 miles by my guess.


Oh yeah,

Happy Earth day, all you filthy bicycle-hippies!

34 Weeks

Ok, this post is like 4 days late, and comcast is not going to hook up my internet until Sunday sometime….

I forgot to record the mileage on my car Sunday, so I’ll have to do it this Sunday and average it out.

I rode my bike a whopping 2 miles last week.

I was going to commute today, but I can’t find my helmet. Probably in a box someplace.


I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been busy…


My internet access will be disconnected soon, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back online. Next week, hopefully.

Partial Partial Commute

I rode back to work from lunch today, and I got a flat tire just as I pulled into the office.
I forgot my tire levers this time.

Bone’s 2nd Rule of Bicycle commuting:

If you have multiple bikes, each bike must have it’s own tube/pump/tire levers attached to the bike at all times.

Otherwise, you will grab a bike and run out of the house without something you need.

The first corollary to this is that each bike must have it’s own bag.


I got a ride home….

33 Weeks!

I rode 92.22 miles this week, 28 of which count toward Jihad! The plan only calls for 86! Woo Hoo!!

The car odometer reads 67,604 miles. That means I drove 173 miles this week. That’s 17 more than last week.

Alien Invasion

After reading about Jim’s encounters with Space Aliens on Lemond bikes, I decided to take my Lemond bike out for a spin.


I forgot how freaking fast that thing can be. I tucked into my most aero-ish position and flew down the hill. I almost hit 40mph before I got scared and grabbed the brakes.

The average speed reflected below is a little misleading. I was pushing the bike down an alley behind a gas station looking for a place to pee…. I probably should have disconnected the computer for that part.

My sunburt skin (from yesterday) really didn’t like being out in the sun, so I packed it in pretty early.

Elapsed Time: 00:46:41
Max Speed: 38.2mph
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Distance: 8.76 miles

4 Counties!

I have returned from my adventure.
I rode my bike in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Lebanon counties today!
It works out to aproximately 38 miles. I have pictures that I’ll post later (probably tommorow). I’m tired and sunburned to hell.

Update: The pictures

After I crossed the river, I headed out on the CAG. I was a little worried about running the skinnyish tires off the pavement, but it worked out just fine.



This camel saved me a few miles. I missed my turn and I stopped to take this picture. I checked my map and realized I was off course.


This is the Conwago trail. It was a bit muddy and full of rocks, but the Trek survived.

The Conewago Trail

Then, there were goats. Baby goats.


Baby goats with their mom.


Even more goats!


Some sheep, too.

Saturday Plan

The plan requires 34 miles tommorow. My sister called today and wanted to go ride the Conewago and Lebanon Valley Rail trails tommorow. She is only good for about 10 miles, and she’s a bit slower than me.

This poses a problem. How do I get 34 miles in without ditching her halfway down the trail?

As it turns out, I live 23 miles from the trailhead. So, I’ll just ride to Elizabethtown (where she lives) then meet up for a 10 miler on the trail, and get a ride back home.

Tada! 33 miles.

Plus, I’ll be all worn out and slow so I’ll probably have trouble keeping up with her!

Here’s the ride to E-town:


Take a look at the island in the river at the bottom of the picture. It’s famous!

Here’s the rail-trail section.