Fenders are Good

Klinutus and I went out for a ride today. It was his first time out in a while, since he was busy reproducing and all. He made a snarky remark about my fenders before we started, but the joke was on him when the clouds opened up a few miles later.

I think I will construct a rear mudflap since I sprayed him with road funk everytime he tried to draft me.

No ride stats at the moment, Probably 20 miles or so.


Last night, I switched out the 44 tooth biopace middle chainring for the 38 tooth round one. I took it out for a test ride, but it wouldn’t shift onto the granny. So, I looked in my secret bicycle repair manual and I learned how to adjust my front derailleur. Now the Trek shifts nicely through all the gears, and I have a nice, easy mid-range for commuting slowly enough as not to need a shower when I get to work.


Ride in:

Elapsed Time: 00:31:39
Max Speed: 34.4mph
Average Speed: 11.1mph
Distance: 5.9 miles

Ride home:

Elapsed Time: 00:36:30
Max Speed: 20.4mph
Average Speed: 10.6mph
Distance: 6.5 miles

Trainer Ride

It was rainy and cold out today, plus I noticed that there was a new Dave Matthews CD on iTunes. Is CD the correct term anymore? “Album” seems even more archaic…anyways, I set my iPod to downloading, and I setup the Lemond on the trainer. This was to be my first trainer ride in my new house. No more asshole neighbors pounding on the floor.

OK, Trainer is all setup, iPod is all ready to go….wait a minute… where the hell are the headphones?

Damn cats!

I searched high and low to no avail, so I got on the trainer sans music. I forgot how BORING it is to sit and stare at the walls and spin. Ugh. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Elapsed Time: 00:17:28
Max Speed: 24.9mph
Average Speed: 15.2mph
Distance: 4.42 miles

Klinutus 2.0

I just got official word from Klinutus that Klinutus 2.0 has broken free from his moorings and escaped into the night!

Born: May 12, 2005
Birth time: 9:18 pm
Weight: 9lbs. 0oz.
Length: 20.5 inches
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Klinutus
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter-Mage
Hitpoints: 15/25
Mana: 27/40


Klinutus, Klinutus, Rah! Rah! Rah!

LBS for sale?

Anyone know what the deal is with Bushey’s? I was driving past today and saw a sign :
‘For Sale – real estate only’I guess their building is for sale but the shop is not? Maybe they’re moving to a new location? (The current location sucks anyways. It’s basically on the on-ramp to 83)

Their webpage hasn’t been updated in like 5 months. Anyone know what’s going on?

39 Weeks!

59.1 miles this week. Far below what the plan called for, but I got the big ride in.

40 miles!

I rode over 40 miles today. This is the longest ride I’ve ever done, so I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I didn’t take the camera today, and it’s too bad because there was some nice scenery once I got outside of boiling springs.

Elapsed Time: 03:37:06
Max Speed: 35.0mph
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Distance: 40.8 miles


Bike-to-Work Day!

Today is Bike-to-Work day!

Ride In:

It was cold and raining out. There was a headwind. Joy!

Elapsed Time: 00:29:11
Max Speed: 31.6mph
Average Speed: 12.0mph
Distance: 5.8 miles

Ride Home:

It was warm and raining out. There was a headwind. Joy!

Elapsed Time: 00:36:01
Max Speed: 20.3mph
Average Speed: 11.1mph
Distance: 6.7 miles

Is it tommorow yet?

Like a good little geek, I got my Episode III tickets well in advance. They clearly say that the showing is May 18th at 12:01AM.


As a wite this, at 11:00PM on May 17th, the show should begin in one hour. I just got back from the theater, where I was told that the show will *actually* begin in 25 hours.

Even the web page has the wrong date.


When I was in school, they taught us how the date changes at 12:00:00AM. Maybe that’s not the case in a galaxy far, far away. On Earth, it works like this:

11:59:58 Tuesday   May 17 2005
11:59:59 Tuesday   May 17 2005
12:00:00 Wednesday May 18 2005
12:00:01 Wednesday May 18 2005
12:00:02 Wednesday May 18 2005

Notice when the date change occurs. It occurs at midnight. The fact that some people incorrectly say “So, it really starts late Wednesday night” is irrelevant. Those people are morons.

I can only assume the theater did this intentionally, because they thought it would somehow be less confusing than printing things up correctly. It’s a sad state of affairs when science fiction fans, who are supposed to be well versed in the sciences, can’t even be trusted to understand how time is measured on thier own home planet!

No bloody wonder they went to the stardate system in Star Trek.