Commute – Mechanical Wierdness

Yesterday, when I was about to leave the office, I noticed my rear tire was almost completely flat. So, I pumped it back up and rode home with no problems. It was flat again this morning. So, I pumped it back up and rode in with no problems.

I guess I have a slow leak. Not really surprising, since the tube in there already has two glueless patches on it.

Ride In:

On the way in today, my computer started acting really wierd. It was reporting a wide range of speeds, even though I was moving at a more or less steady rate. I figure either the magnet came loose, or the computer doesn’t like all the humidity we’ve been having lately.

So, no stats for this ride. I took pretty much the same route as I always do, so I’m gonna say 5.8 miles.

Ride Home:

The tire was flat and it stayed flat, so I changed out the tube.
Elapsed Time: 01:09:53
Max Speed: 22.4mph
Average Speed: 11.4mph
Distance: 13.3 miles


19.1 miles. 2.1 more than I needed! Woo!


I went for an easy ride around the neighborhood after work today.Elapsed Time: 00:53:56
Max Speed: 31.1mph
Average Speed: 10.5mph
Distance: 10.7 milesThe plan (week 4) only called for 8 miles, so we’re ahead of the game so far.

10 Mile Ride

Ride In:

Elapsed Time: 00:24:44
Max Speed: 38.0mph
Average Speed: 14.0mph
Distance: 5.8 miles

Ride Home:

Elapsed Time: 00:53:13
Max Speed: 20.8mph
Average Speed: 10.9mph
Distance: 9.7 miles


15.5 miles
The plan called for 14 miles today, so we’re still on track! Woo!

Bug Poop on my Handlebars

My handlebar tape was getting kind of dirty and nasty, so I decided I’d try shellacing it.


That’s three coats of amber shellac over white cloth tape. I think it matches the leather pretty well.

My hardware store didn’t have any hemp twine, so I jused regular old bailing twine. I kind of like the way it turned out, but then I’ve always been a fan of the “wooly sasquatch” aesthetic.


The best part of the whole thing is that shellac is really just bug poop!

44 Weeks

37.1 miles this week. I’m gonna try to get some miles logged in week 45, because I will be on vacation for week 46.

Another Hot One

I went out today to try to get some miles in. This has been a weekend of junk food and beer, and I really felt it out in the heat. I had to bag it early before I puked.Elapsed Time: 01:14:22
Max Speed: 38.2mph
Average Speed: 10.5mph
Distance: 13.0 miles


Two in a row!

Ride In:

Elapsed Time: 00:25:44
Max Speed: 35.2mph
Average Speed: 13.6mph
Distance: 5.8 miles

Ride Home:

Elapsed Time: 00:35:34
Max Speed: 23.0mph
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Distance: 6.6 miles


12.4 miles

Record Setting Commute II

Ride In:

I made it in in 22 minutes. On a day with bad traffic, I couldn’t do a whole lot better with the car.

Elapsed Time: 00:22:03
Max Speed: 42.1mph(!!!)
Average Speed: 15.0mph(!!!)
Distance: 5.5 miles

Ride Home:

A bumble bee flew into my face at about 20mph. Not fun. He didn’t sting me though.

Elapsed Time: 00:28:45
Max Speed: 21.5mph
Average Speed: 13.0mph
Distance: 6.2 miles


11.7 miles

43 Weeks!

I rode 61.8 miles this week. I think I’m leaving the stem on the Trek in it’s new, lower position. I am still debating a longer crankset, a seatpost with more setback, or both.I’ve been reading some of the strange formulae that are supposed to tell you what length crankarms you need, and mine comes out to something between 186mm and 200mm. (I have a 20″ femur and wear a US size 15 shoe!) Of course, nobody makes crankarms in this length unless they’re ‘custom’, so I don’t know if it’d be worth the money or not. For my purposes, probably not.

Carradice Bags are Waterproof

I took a ride around the neighborhood this afternoon. Nothing like the 42 miles the plan called for, but better than nothing. When I got home, Wista, inexplicably, sqatted down and took a pee all over my Carradice Camper that was laying (empty) on the floor.

I’m happy to say the waxed cotton they use is very waterproof (peeproof, at any rate). The weight of the fluid made a little indentation in the canvas and it just made a little puddle. I was able to carry the bag to the bathroom and drain the whole mess off without any spilling or soaking into the interior of the bag. Then, I put the bag under the shower to rinse off any lingering stinkiness. It was under the full-bast shower for about a minute, and the inside stayed dry. Not too shabby.

Elapsed Time: 01:01:41
Max Speed: 36.2mph
Average Speed: 11.7mph
Distance: 12.1 miles