Sheep Go To Heaven – Goats Go to Hell

Lately, it seems like somebody is getting killed and burned beyond recognition about every other day on the highways around Harrisburg. Now that I ride my bike all over the place, I have learned all the back roads. So, even when I’m in the car, I avoid the interstates.

Good thing, too.
Imagine this: You’re cruising down the Pennsylvania Turnpike at about 85mph (which seems to be the average speed of traffic), when suddenly you’re staring down a herd of 90 goats in the middle of your lane.

No, I’m not making this up. Today, traffic was backed up by a rouge herd of goats and sheep. Apparently, some dumbass in a tractor trailer rear-ended another tractor trailer carrying 160 goats and sheep.

The predicable result: 90 goats roaming around the turnpike, 70 animals dead.

A Goat

You know, it would be nice if we could put all the tractor trailers on thier own roads….
We could even connect a whole bunch of trailers together and pull it with a single tractor…
That would save gas and labor costs!
Since the weight of tractor trailors always ruins the pavement, maybe we should make the roads out of metal….
Well, metal is expensive, so just put it under where the tires go….
We’ll call the metal parts ‘rails’…
A road made out of rails to move freight!
It’s genius!

I think I’ll call my new invention

The RailRoad

I’m astonished that no one thought of this before me…

LeMond for Sale

haven’t ridden my Lemond in a couple of months, and I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll be riding it anytime soon. So, the beast is for sale. I took it up to Klinutus’ house this weekend. He’s going to be test riding it for the week. If he doesn’t want it, I’ll give first shot at it to my readers here, then it’s off to ebay.
Ain't she a beauty?

It’s less than a year old, and has less than 500 miles on it (most of those were on an indoor trainer!)

Klinutus wasn’t able to ride it this weekend, because he was busy building a MythTV, which is pretty bad-ass, I must admit.

Installing RedHat on a big-ass TV

Happy Birthday, Cringer!

When Brandi and I found Cringer, he was living under a pile of carboard boxes waiting to be recycled. This pile was right next door to a massive construction site.

When we took him to the vet, they found chemical burns in his throat and on all four paws. Apparently, he had gotten into some of the chemicals being used on the site. The other thing the vet told us is that he was about 8 weeks old. That would make today his first birthday. (It will be very easy to remember, because it’s exactly 2 months before MY birthday).

His paws and throat have since healed, though he still can’t meow as loud as Wista, though he does try. Check out his attempt at a roar.
Cringer Roars

Wista doesn’t enjoy having her nap interrupted.

Wista is pissed


I finally gave up on the cyclecomputer, so I took it off last night. I can’t find my GPS either, so there’ll be no ride stats today :-)

It was cold enough this morning, that I was able to see my breath. I guess I’ll have to dig through my box of bike stuff and get out the arm warmers. Come to think of it, that’s probably where the GPS is, too.

Corridor One: Not dead yet

Even though the website has been near silent for almost a year, it seems there is still some interest in regional rail in the Harrisburg area.The MTP is going to be having a breakfast on Sept. 21st to pimp the idea.

I can’t say I’m fully versed in all the political shenanigans involved in getting such a thing off the ground, but I do think that it would be very cool to be able to ride the train to commute to York or Lancaster. Check out the proposed route.

Proposed map

Of course, it would probably be a whole lot cheaper to improve the bus service around here first. (Dreadful website design aside) as far as I’m aware, there are no bike racks on any of the busses, and the busses stop running around 7:00PM. This makes them pretty much useless to those of us taking night classes at Penn State Harrisburg.

I wonder how many drunks could be kept off the streets by having the busses make a 2:00AM run along 2nd street.

52 Weeks

There it is, bitches! One year without a smoke! Who’s the man?I intend for this to be the last time I talk about smoking here on, so let’s have a quick look at how this all went down:


I started smoking my freshman year of college. I was up to a pack-a-day in a few months and stayed there.


I got a real job and moved away from home. Lots of stress, and lots of binge drinking/partying. I was up to about 1.25 pack/day, but on nights out, I would sometimes burn through two packs.


Finally had enough of it, and managed to quit for about 6 months. An ill-fated trip to New Orleans broke my resolve. The French Quarter has a way of making all manner of dastardly deeds seem perfectly alright.


Up to 1.5 packs/day. A friend of mine announced that he had esophageal cancer. I continued at 1.5 packs/day.

My friend died.

All of us at work went outside for a smoke break to discuss this news.
It seemed like a pretty fucked up thing to do, given the circumstances.

One week later, I decided to quit smoking and to get my ass into good enough shape to ride in a cancer charity ride. I started this blog to track my progress.

After a few false starts, I smoked my last cig on August 23rd 2004.

The Bottom Line

  1. Smoking is fucking lame.
  2. Don’t do it. It will kill you.
  3. If you are already doing it, stop it.
  4. I smoked for 11 years, and I quit, so you can too.
  5. I have not had the slightest craving for a smoke in probably 4 or 5 months, so it is possible to return to normal.

Now that the sermon is over…

When I started this blog, I said that I wanted

  1. to quit smoking
  2. and to get into shape

I defined ’shape’ rather loosely as the ability to ride my bike 100 miles in one shot. That definition probably needs some work, but for today, I’m happy to have one of those two items crossed off my list.



It’s starting to get darker earlier in the morning. I had to turn on my blinkies today.
My computer is still acting wierd (reported a top speed of 60mph) .

I think I might just get rid of it. Maybe I’ll go back to using GPS or something.

A Ride Report!

I am now back from my adventures in Pittsburgh (I’ll post some pics of that later). The weather today was really nice, and since I hadn’t been on the bike in a week, I decided to head out in search of fortune and glory.I rode down through Mechanicsburg, and ended up on City Island, which was full of other people enjoying the weather.

The Market St. Bridge

I took these pictures of the bridge, and of the city while I was catching my breath.

Our fair city

I was feeling pretty good, so I headed across the river and onto the green belt.

There are lots of wierd sculptures in riverfront park.


I started to run low on water and high on bladder, so I headed back to City Island, to..uh.. exchange fluids. Then I headed home.

In Lemoyne, I came across signs for the great and mysterious Bicycle Route J. It appears to be part of the bikepa system, but it does not appear anywhere on their web page.

It’s called a bike route, but it’s mainly just the shoulders of major highways.

Bicycle Route J

My cyclo-computer started acting up (again), so I don’t have good stats for this ride. I’m guessing about 30 miles.

Ubuntu is Awesome

I am going to be out of town this weekend, and my hotel has wireless internet access. I decided I had better figure out how to get my laptop’s wireless card to work with Ubuntu. I settled in for a long night of fiddling with WEP keys, prism54 drivers et cetera.I plugged in the card, typed in my wep key…..And I got an IP address and I was on my way. All in about 5 minutes.

It Just_Works™.

P.S. To all my bicycling readers who don’t give a damn about all this geeky bullshit, stay tuned. I will return to the bicycling stuff in the near future. It’s just been too hot to ride lately.

51 Weeks

I forgot to do my customary weekly update on Monday…

I rode 38.3 miles last week.