Lard Ass Log

I have been keeping detailed records of my holiday weight gain this year.

Lard ass chart

I’m up 5 pounds since Thanksgiving.

New year’s resolutions:

  1. Take off those 5 pounds
  2. Take off 25 more
  3. Ride my bike 100 miles in a single day.
  4. Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

Geek Update

The Linux meeting happened last night, and I think it went pretty well. We had 5 people turn up (including me), and we had some nice food and some geeky conversation.

We are thinking of rotating the meeting to more than just indian restaurants, so we will probably change the name to something more generic than curry.

I have hacked up a prototype logo for the group. It’s Tux wearing a chef’s toque.

I installed WordPress 2.0 on the LUG website. I’m running WP 1.2 here on, and things have improved considerably. I will have to make another attempt at an upgrade when I have the time.

I have tracked down the source of my final MythTV obstacle: Nvidia drivers. The motherboard I got for this project uses the Nforce chipset, and those drivers haven’t trickled their way into Breezy yet. (Version 1.0.8178 last seen in Debian unstable) To further complicating things, Brandi gave me a game for Xmas that requires more horsepower than my desktop PC has.

So, the logical next step is to perform a double motherboard transplant. I am going to swap the cases/harddrives between the two boxes. Hopefully I will end up with a MythTV with fully Linux-compliant hardware, and a Desktop PC with enough power to play games on.

I am now in the process of tracking down and backing up all the various and sundry data on my desktop. So far, I have found 40GB of stuff I want to keep.

Going Underground

Brandi and I both had the day off today, so we decided to go check out Indian Echo Caverns. Sadly, my feeble photography skills were no match for the lighting conditions in the cave. So, I took the shotgun approach. I took a billion picutes, and about 5 of them were actually worth a damn.

A big ass cow

A cow with cool looking horns

Trees from the cave entrance

Looking up from the cave entrance

The cave entrance

>The entrance to the cave

A rock formation
A rock formation in the cave

Another rock formation

Another rock formation in the cave

Another rock formation

Another rock formation in the cave

Another rock formation

Another rock formation in the cave
The sunset

There was a pretty bad-ass sunset tonight.


Every autumn, the days get shorter and shorter until eventually the people tire of the darkness and set out to do something about it.

A few nights ago, a few friends and I made our way to the shores of the mighty Susquehanna. There, alongside the liquid soul of Pennsylvania, we prepared to awaken the sleeping sun.

The plan:

  1. Build a bonfire big enough to warm the toes of the almighty goat-lord
  2. Drink large quantities of mead for inspiration and warmth
  3. Hoot, holler, carry on, and dance in a foolish way around the aforementioned fire
  4. Hope that all the above activities will awaken the sun

So, we build a fire


And we stoked it to insane proportions

Big Fire

And we chanted in arcane tounges and drunken slurs

Your humble author, offering prayers to the sun

The goat-lord responds!

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: We are professional idiots.

For a limited time (until I run out of bandwidth), you can download a video(23MB), wherein the goat-lord announces himself with a powerful explosion from the ceremonial bonfire.

MythTV: Slogging Onward

Today, I compiled in the ivtv kernel module and I acutally got mpeg playback working through the PVR-350’s TV-out port.


I still can’t get X to run over that port, and I haven’t even tried to encode off the cable yet.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with my progress so far.

I also solved my wireless problems and my lack-of-PCI-slots problems in one fell swoop.

I removed the wireless card, and ran 100 feet of cat5 cable along the baseboard. I now have 100BASE-T switched ethernet in my living room. I am the man!


My water bottle froze on my ride home from work today. That kind of sucked.Winter will officially be here in two days, which means I don’t have much time to prepare for the JulBlót festivities. I hope to have some pictures of the goat-worshiping and the mead-brewing posted sometime next week.

In other news, Dr. Mayhem and I have founded the Harrisburg Linux cUrry Group. This is basically an organization for people who like Linux to get together and talk about it while enjoying some nice indian food. We will probably be having our first meeting at Passage to India sometime after the holidays.

So, if you like curry, and you like Linux, keep an eye on the official website ( for more details.

Speaking of Linux, LugRadio Season 3, Episode 5 was released today. I listened to it at work, and it was very funny, as per usual. Check it out.

I have also volunteered to help out transcribing the show for the hearing impaired. If anyone wants to help check my work, here’s how you can help:

  1. Download Episode 4
  2. Open up my transcript in progress
  3. Let me know if you found any errors, or just fix it yourself in the wiki.
  4. I need particular help understanding Sparkes’ west-midlandish accent, which is all but incomprehensible to my American ears.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Last night, we had an ice storm. I had to drive through it to take my last class of the semester. To celebrate the end of the semster, and to burn up one of my remaining personal days before the end of the month, I took today off.

So, I went out to play in the snow.

Bike and a snowy field

Another 2-picture composite, done in Hugin (3mb)

I love my studded tires. The road in the picture was pretty well treated, but some of the side streets were still smooth as glass. The tires do not do as well in deep snow, but that’s really not what they’re intended for.

For the benefit of Google:
Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 are good on ice.
Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 are bad in deep snow