Well, I was rolling the Trek out the door, and the headlight fell on the floor. Seems the clamp broke. So, I ordered a new headlight.

I’m hoping the battery connectors will be interchangeable. It would be nice to be able to carry a spare battery.


Warning: This post talks about gross stuff. Don’t read it if gross stuff upsets you.

Much of yesterday’s ride was along route 15, which is a pretty major highway around here. I don’t normally like to ride along the highways, but 15 is really the only path that cuts through the mountains.

When you ride a bicycle along the road, you see a lot of roadkill. In the car, you tend to fly past it at 60mph and quickly forget about it. On the bike, you see it, smell it, ride past it, and then you have ample time to reflect on the gruesome, nightmarish nature of motorized transport.

My ride along the highway revealed a whole new gallery of horrors. I saw the mortal remains of several animals strewn along the roadside. On the south-bound half of my ride, I saw most of what used to be a deer. Sadly he was missing some important components. I came upon the missing parts on the north-bound part of my journey, which means that the force of the impact launched pieces across all four lanes and the median.

I also came upon a crumpled mass of flesh and feathers that seemed to be the remains of a peregrine falcon.

a Peregrine Falcon
A Peregrine Falcon

I thought about snatching a couple of feathers. Maybe they would have magical Dumbo properties to help propel my bicycle along the roadway at record speeds. I reasoned that on the one hand, I would be memorializing a magnificant bird. On the other hand, I would be looting a corpse. I decided to let him rest in peace.

I’m not the only one who gets upset by roadkill. A man in my home turf upstate came upon a dead bobcat this week. He says he moves roadkill into the woods “out of respect for them.”

He buried the cat in his yard.

It’s sad that the cat was killed, but I think it’s a positive sign of the health of the forest that it’s able to support bigger predators.

Apple Country

I was out of town yesterday, and the night before, I had a problem with my headlight, so today’s was the first ride in a couple of days.Since I’m trying to work my mileage up to get to Gettysburg, I headed in that direction. I passed a couple of apple orchards.

Apple Country
There’s a National Apple Museum, who knew?This was kind of a hilly route. I’m beat. I did make it to the halfway mark.

The halfway mark
Halfway between Harrisburg and Gettysburg

My route
My route

Throwing Copper

Scott over at LFOAB is having a bike built for his wife. The bike features custom lugs with dragonflys and butterflys, and it’s plated in copper! It’s the prettiest bike ever.I wonder if I can get one like it with polar bears and runes in the lugs….

Anyhow, you can check out some pictures at Bob Brown (the builder’s) blog.

Week 2

I missed yesterday’s ride. I didn’t get off the couch very much yesterday. It was a mythTV-powered Twilight Zone marathon. Today, I made it out for 9 miles. The plan called for 7, but I like being ahead of the game. I have been thinking about setting intermediate goals, and I think an out-and-back to Gettysburg would be nice.

It’s about 28 miles each way, so I should make it to the battlefield around weeks 7 or 8.

Behold! A hastily gimped-up gmap mock-up of my proposed route:

Proposed route to Gettysburg

Good Morning

I got out of bed bright and early today, and set out with the dawn.

I took this pic from my back porch this morning.

I rode all around the bucolic farmland sprawling wasteland around Boiling Springs.

169 Acres up for slaughter
Just what we need. More strip malls.

Anyways, apart from the dissapearing scenery, it was an enjoyable ride.

This was my route:

My route

I am doing much better this week.

My progress for the week

I wore my new booties today. They kept my feet warmer than I expected, but my toes still got pretty cold. I also tried out some new riding attire today. I know the folks at Rivendell like button down seersucks shirts for riding in the summertime. I like the idea of bicycling clothing that doesn’t make you look like a space alien, so I tired out a very nice Woolrich button down I got for Xmas.
It worked out very well. Woolrich no longer does much manufacturing in Pennsylvania (China, I’m afraid), but they still have their corporate offices in Woolrich, PA, and that counts for something.

Wool rocks.

Not Wearing Pants!

It turned out that I didn’t need my new booties tonight. It was about 60°F outside. I even wore shorts with no trouble.

I did about 12 miles, even though the plan only called for 10. I am planning to get tommorow’s 30 miler out of the way early in the morning. They are calling for cold rain in the afternoon.

My progress for the week


I decided that I would like to use clipless pedals AND not have cold feet. To that end, I have purchased a pair of neoprene overbooties.

I'm to sexy for my shoes
Yes, they look queer. No, I don’t mind at all.

Those are the aforementioned RedHead wool socks peeking out the top.

I’ll be giving this setup a test today and/or tommorow.

Brandi and I are going to see Kate Beckinsale in leather underwear Underworld Evolution today, then I have 10 miles to get in.


Underworld Evolution was pretty bad. Save your money.

My Toes are numb

Tonight, I did 13.6 miles on the Trek. I had forgotten how nice if feels to cruise along on hard, skinny, stud-free tires. I did miss the Diamondback’s low gears on the hills, but it was fun overall. The only downside (apart from the gears) was that the Trek is still wearing its summertime SPD pedals, so I had to wear the matching summertime shoes. Even with my wonderously warm RedHead wool socks (inside plastic bread bags to keep out the wind) my feet got horribly cold. I’ve been inside for about 15 minutes, and I still can barely feel my toes.

Maybe I should get battery-powered socks :-)

My progress for the week