Yakkity Yak

“I am the Susquehanna, thine river. Thou shalt not paddle strange rivers before me.”Thus spake the Susquehanna. But Bonius did not heed her commandment, and indeed he did paddle a kayak upon the Wisconsin river not a week prior.
On the water
Our Heros Depart
Engorged she was, and filled with wrath from a full day’s rain, when Bonius and Klinutus arrived upon her shores. Our heros did boldly place thier kayaks upon her and set forth upon thier journey. Into the fog and rain, they set out in search of adventures, sea-monsters, and big-tittie mermaids.

Long-abandoned Masonry

They came upon the ruins of a great civilization, and found a magical land inhabited by glowing white ducks. These were the guardians of the mysteries of the White Deer Hole Creek.

The ducks did quack a strange incantation, which sapped Bonius of all his strength, whereupon he drifted downstream, into the main channel.

A Magical Land
Magical Land

The Guardians
Guardian Ducks

In the fullness of time, came our heros upon the mouth of the White Deer Creek, where the water was swirling and burbling. Bonius turned his kayak into the current and strove to paddle up the creek. The river did spin Bonius around backwards and did speak softly “This is not the way, my child. Turn thee around and paddle the gentler waters in the main channel.”

“I am a great and terrible kayaker” Bonius boasted, “I do not fear thine foolish class I rapids! Bonius called upon Lord Odin, who filled Bonius with the rage of Berserkergang. Bonius didst paddle with a great ferocity upon the snarly rapids.

Lo, but the river did make use of her deep and mysterious magic, and did invert The Order of Things. Whereas Bonius sat at first upon the kayak and the kayak upon the water, now sat the kayak upon Bonius and the water upon them both.

This sucked greatly. Wet and very cold was the water, cold and very wet was Bonius.

On the water

Thereby was the reckless pride of Bonius greatly reduced. Bonius paddled meekly for the remainder of the day and did not tempt the wrath of the mighty Susquehanna further.

Bone's Boat
Bone’s Boat

Kayaking Geeks

I’m back from Wisconsin. I was there to do an Active Directory design, and there is a possibility that I may have the opportunity to go back to help out with the implementation, which would be nice, because I kind of liked it there.I was working with the company’s network dude, and we got to shooting the shit, and I mentioned that I had just bought a kayak. Turns out, this dude is a hardcore kayaking freak, and invited me to join him for a quick paddle after work on the Wisconsin River. I further learned that this guy’s director (boss’s boss) likes to paddle, too. So, we all headed out together and paddled around on the river.
The Kayaks
Getting ready to launch

I was really digging things and thinking that this might be a nice place to settle down…. then they started talking about how not long ago, people were driving their pickup trucks across the lake ice to get to their ice-fishing shacks… I think that’s a little too cold for me.

Sunset over the Wisconsin River
Wisconsin looks an awful lot like Pennsylvania


I spent the day touring the inner workings of a highly automated ecommerce fulfillment system. A gigantic warehouse staffed almost entirely by robots.

Holy shit, I live in the future.

Then, someone saw fit to put a brewpub in the parking lot of my hotel. The following comes to mind after a few too many doppelbocks:

Different states of consciousness from the normal are regarded as a form of sickness. And therefore official and institutional psychiatry constitutes itself the guardian of sanity and of socially approved experience of reality

Alan Watts

I reject your reality and substiute my own!

Adam Savage

Do not Take Intoxicants

5th precept of Buddhism


Lemond For Sale (Again)

Been a bit busy this week. Yesterday, I purchased a lovely Kayak for less than half of retail price (huzzah!), so I’m very keen to get into the water when I get back from Wisconsin.This means that my fancy-pants road bike is offically for sale again. I mean it this time, I need to raise funds to buy a roof rack, paddles, and other kayaking accouterments.)

My Lemond

$750 or best offer. When I get back from Wisconsin, I’ll post pictures etc.

It’s a 61cm (the biggest size they make) and it’s a triple. It’s exactly like the official Lemond Web Site says, except I have SPD pedals on it, and I’m throwing in a Cateye Astrale 8 computer. No, you don’t get my Brooks or my Carradice.

It’s only got about 500 miles on it, and most of those were on the trainer, indoors. It’s a really nice bike, goes fast, etc, but I already have two other bikes, and this one ends up not getting ridden, so it has to go.

Turtles All The Way Down

When Brandi was a little girl, she had some sort of horrible bicycling accident, and she refuses to ride them anymore. This poses a problem, because if I go off on one of my bike rides, she doesn’t come with me. Since both of us work different schedules, my rides eat into what little time we have to do stuff together.By way of compromise, we decided to go for a smallish hike after work today. We went to Wildwood Lake. Neither of us even knew it was there before today (I found it while doing some gmaps exploration for bicycle routes).

Anyways, the place is very nice, and it’s pretty close by.

We got there and were greeted with a prophetic sign warning us of impending turtles.

Turtle Crossing
Turtle Crossing

I’m happy that things are starting to turn green. I have a touch of the seasonal affective funk, and seeing green stuff seems to pull me right out of it.

Behold: Photosynthesis
I’m all about the chloroplasts

We saw a beaver swimming around, and I assume this is his house.

Beaver House
A beaver house

The lake was full of all sorts of ducks and geese and those long-legged white birds (Egrets?) I don’t know much about birds, but I’m pretty sure this is a goose’s arse.

A goose's arse
A goose’s arse

More signs of life. The trees are busy getting thier leaves ready.

Budding tree

At last, the long awaited turtle parade. I have seen turtles all lined up on a log like this on TV, but never in real life.

Turtles in the sun

We also saw a deer and some gigantic snapping turtles, but I didn’t get any picures of them. I was amazed at how much wildlife there was basically in downtown Harrisburg. It’s a 3.1 mile hike around the whole lake, and we were back to the starting point in about an hour. Not a bad way to kill a Friday afternoon.

Monastic Podcasts

I came across a pretty nice podcast the other day. I’ts done by Rev. Kusala Bhikshu. Rev. Kusala is a Buddhist monk who plays a mean blues harmonica and does interviews of other monks and nuns, and talks to Catholic School children about Buddhism.The interview with the Abbott gets into stuff you don’t often think about, like how does the monestary provide health care coverage for the monks?

I’ve always been fascinated by monasticism, especially Buddhist. (Probably watched too many Kung-Fu movies as a kid.)

Anyhow, if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s worth a listen.



It appears that I’ll be in Wausau, Wisconsin the week of April 17th. If I have any readers in Wausau (unlikely) who want to catch a beer, let me know.As much as I’d love to, I don’t think I’ll be able to do the 372 mile drive to Minneapolis. 🙁

Ghosts of Stony Valley

Girtong2 and I went out for a grueling 33 mile ride on the Stony Valley Trail yesterday.

The Trail

We got out just past the Appalachian Trail where a dude was talking to some hikers about an abandoned coal mining town (Rausch Gap) that used to be here. We broke the cardinal rule, and rode bikes on the AT. I was very pleased with the moustache bars’ performance on what was essentially fairly rocky singletrack.

So, we found this town’s cemetery, and I tried to take some pictures of it, but my camera started getting all flakey and wierd on me. The LCD started turning on and off all by itself, and the none of the pictures turned out.

Very Blair Witch. Kind of freaked me out.

Anyways, we did get a few pictures of some other stuff. It was a beautiful day to be on the trail, and the traffic was pretty heavy.

The Trail
An old bridge

Now that I look through some of the other pictures I took, I think my camera may be starting to die. It probably wasn’t the ghosts of long-dead coal miners after all. I bought the thing in 2001, and I suppose it has outlasted it’s intended life span. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

This was a really nice weekend. I rode to work on Friday, I went Kayaking on Saturday, and had a supernatural bike ride on Sunday. It’s finally spring! W00t!


I found a page documenting the St. Anthony’s Wilderness area, which contained the ghost town. Lots of nice pictures. Check it out.