YinYang Shirts

There are a couple of shirts with the YinYang now. I only have a basic store, which means I can only have one design on a particular kind of shirt. So, I got rid of the yellow Jihadi shirt (wasn’t exactly flying off the shelves) and replaced it with this bad boy.

Yellow Ying Yang
Yin Yang Bike Shirt

Yellow for visibility, yin yang to let everyone know you and your bicycle are non-dual.


My artistic abilities runneth over….or something

anyhow, here’s an attempt at bicycle-related artsy-fartsiness.

Yin Yang

I wonder if maybe I should have reversed the coloring inside the wheels.

Blasphemous Goods

Well, I did it….

You may now purchase the Jihad bicycle T-shirt from my brand-spanking new Cafe Press store.


Issue a fatwa on the automotive infidels

I am trying to keep things simple for now, so there are only three varieties. One is high-viz green, one is yellow, and one is white (and made in the USA). They’re about $17 bucks each, of which I receive $1.50. If I can sell 17 of these bad boys, I’ll recoup my investment on the faux Arabic font.

I have a few ideas for other graphics, so maybe I’ll get around to designing those some time.

Bed Stand Buddhism

The other day, I read a post on Tex’s bicycling/Buddhism blog about “bed stand Buddhists.” These are people whose night stands are full of books about the Buddha and meditation and whatnot, but who never actually make the time to sit down and meditate.

It seems that I fall into this category, as my bed-side library can attest.

My books.
My night stand library – Click for big

Well, I had the day off from work today, in observance of an unrelated Christian holiday, so I made grandiose plans… I would travel to the mountaintop, plop myself down and meditate until I became wise.

It was a great plan. I got to the mountaintop reasonably early in the morning, took in the view, and sat down for some deep spiritual enlightenment.

The view
The view from the mountain – click for big

After a few minutes, it became quite apparent that I was going to become hypothermic if I carried on like this for much longer. So, I descended from my lofty perch, and sat under a bridge, alongside the great and mighty river.

It was much warmer in the valley, and the gurgling noise from the water was very conducive to contemplation.

My half-assed half-lotus
My Half-Assed Half Lotus Posture

I was able to relax, and after several minutes of monkey-mindedness, I got an idea that that perhaps the fundamental building blocks of reality were somehow related to river mud… something about the flooding of the Nile and the beginnings of agricultural civilization…

Just then, a big, loud diesel went roaring over the bridge and broke my concentration. Sadly, my grand unified theory of the metaphysics of river mud would have to wait for another day.

Milton Bridge
The view from under the bridge – Click for big

I had a hard time getting back into the zone, so I just kind of sat there, marveling at the glorious Miltonian architecture, and enjoying my quiet time under the bridge.

Glorious Miltonian Arcitecture
Downtown Milton (Troll’s eye view) – Click for big

Tommorow, when I get back to the office, people will ask me what I did on my day off. I’m not sure if I should tell them that I spent the day sitting under a bridge thinking deep thoughts about river mud.

They probably wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Fighting Evil

Some people are into “moral relativism.” These people say that there is no such thing as absolute evil, and that all notions of good and evil are dependent upon social or cultural factors.

We here at Bonius.com believe that moral relativism is a big, horking load of bullshit. There is indeed such a thing as an absolute EVIL.

There are, at this very moment, EVIL men with bulldozers ripping up some of the most productive farmland in the world, and replacing it with strip malls, plastic houses, and parking lots.

Well Fuck that.

To arms, good people! To arms!

The noble warriors at The Lancaster Farmland Trust are putting on a bicycle charity ride to raise monies to help preserve what’s left of Lancaster County from the forces of EVIL.

Mark your calendars, the ride is June 2nd. It’s $25 to enter, and you can ride 6, 20, or 51 mile routes depending on your fitness level.

There is more information available at the event website:

All the great heroes of history fought EVIL in tight-fitting clothing. Superman, Spider-man, even Wonder Woman all donned spandex to dispatch the forces of darkness. Why should you be any different?

Dig it. A Super-hero bike jersey. It has a spiffy-looking farming scene on it and is available in lots of sizes – including a 3XL “club fit”, which should even work for beer-bellied super-men like me!

Bike Jersey

So, you can go for a nice ride in the countryside, dress up like a hero, and help defeat the dark minions of bulldozer-wielding madmen!


Nowhere Book

Based on the writings in his blog, you might think James Howard Kunstler is a complete fucking lunatic. He rants and raves about peak oil, the evils of suburbia, the impending collapse of the dollar, and ultimately, of civilization.

I hope he’s full of shit, but many of his arguments are pretty convincing.

I saw his book “Home From Nowhere” at the bookstore and figured ‘what the hell.’ It’s a bit more civil in tone than his online writings, but there is still plenty of profanity to keep things unprofessional.

Home From Nowhere
Home From Nowhere

Most of the book sings the praises of New Urbanism. I think New Urbanism is a lovely idea, but I’m not sure it takes 200 pages to convince people of that. In fairness, I was already pretty well convinced before I started reading the book, so I was quickly bored with repeated arguments in favor of what seem like common sense ideas.

There are a lot of interesting technical diagrams of how to apply design principles to urban planning. There are also lots of examples of urban design gone bad, and a few of places that got it right. The book then sort of abruptly changes course to talk about organic farming and ends with a love letter to the design of Manhattan.

I agree with Kunstler in principle, but I don’t think this book would make any non-believers convert. Even if they did, it wouldn’t make any difference. No matter what anyone thinks, the real estate developers will go on ahead building god-awful suburbs until there isn’t any profit left in it. Thankfully, that day doesn’t appear to be too far off.

I give “Home from Nowhere” 3 Jihadis out of 5.

3 Jihadis out of 5
3 Jihadis out of 5