Moonlight Ride

It was too hot and muggy outside to ride today, so I waited for the sun to go down and took the Monkey to the Stony Creek trail.

It gets really freaking dark in the woods. My little 10 watt rechargeable headlight was just barely enough light. I would like to get a nice dynohub system, but all my spare funds are tied up in another endeavor at the moment.

Blackbeard Flag
Heave, Ho. Hoist the Colors

More on this exciting project a bit later…

In the meanwhile, I’ll have to try to decide whether to get the Shimano or the Schmidt hub.

Today: 10 miles
June: 118.5 miles
2007: 609 miles

Lost Goat on the LVRT

On the LVRT today, I was stopped by a young man who was looking for a lost goat.

I had not seen the goat, so I wasn’t able to help.

Today: 26 miles
June: 108.5 miles
2007: 599 miles

Talk To The Hand

Talk to the Hand

Only $15.99 and a bargain at twice the price!

There’s a baggier version for a buck less.

I’ll probably be sued for trademark infringement, so get ’em while I gots ’em.

You can see the graphic in more detail here.

Where to Live, Part 3

This is what happens if you are OCD about maps and bike commuting. The colored area is everything within 10 bicycle-miles of the house I’m scoping out tonight.

Possible places to work
Commutable Distance – click for big

Because I’m actually planning to buy a house this time round, I might very well end up living in it after I switch jobs. Therefore, the house has to be within 10 miles of my current employer AND within 10 miles of potential future employers.

I think the location of this house is good for that. I can ride to anywhere on the West Shore, and most of downtown

If needs be, I should be able to find work in the colored-in area.

I don’t know how people lived before there was desktop GIS.


I had meetings with realtors, bankers, etc. this afternoon, but I managed to sneak out for a ride after dark.

I tried to conserve headlight batteries by only running LEDs on marginally-lit streets, and nearly had a disastrous run-in with a skunk. The tail went up, but the stink stayed in.

Tomorrow, we are going to look at a house in a geometrically optimal location. 5.5 miles to my work, 3.5 miles to Brandi’s work. 2 miles to the grocery store, 7 miles to downtown Harrisburg.

It’s in a shiny new particle-board cul-de-sac sprawl neighborhood. Oh the irony…

Today: 13.5 miles
June: 82.5 miles
2007: 573 miles

Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey

If you ride your bike to the top of the mountain,
And if you think “I am going to adjust my brake levers”

You should remember which way tightens.
And you should remember which way loosens.

Or else you will snap the bolt that holds on the brake lever.

Then you will be on top of the mountain with no front brakes.

And then you will be in a world of shit.

No brakes!

It was a hair-raising ride to the bottom of the mountain.

Quick Conewago Ride

I managed to squeeze in a ride on the Conewago trail before I had to go for a haircut appointment.

On the Conewago Trail

Today: 8 miles
June: 69 miles
2007: 559.5 miles

Mechanicsburg almost all mapped

I think I have mapped about 99% of all the streets in the borough of Mechanicsburg.

Map of Mechanicsburg

Check it out and let me know if I missed your street.

The map AND all the data used to generate the map can be used freely under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license

If you don’t live in Mechanicsburg, stay tuned. The GIS surveying bicycle extravaganza is working on mapping Summerdale, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg, New Cumberland, Marysville, Camp Hill, and even Midtown Harrisburg.

If you have a neighborhood that’s nice to ride bikes in, let me know, and it might get surveyed sooner than later.

Stony Creek Mud Bath

Just as I was leaving the office today, the sky opened up and poured rain. I drove to Stony Creek anyhow. By the time I got to the trailhead, the rain was just a trickle, and the trail was nice and sloppy.

Karate Monkey in the woods

I have gotten so used to bikes with fenders, I forgot how nasty things get without them.

I also forgot to bring bike shoes, so I just rode in my “fancy office shoes.” They ended up a lot less fancy.

Dirty Shoe

I decided that I was already a mess, so I tried to hit every puddle I came to.

Muddy Parts

I had a blast. The Monkey is very a fun bike. Bouncing over rocks and roots and splashing mud all over the place is awesome.

That's me!

Today: 12 miles (wild-ass guess)
June: 61 miles
2007: 551.5 miles