Rattling Run

I was going to ride the Stony Creek trail today, but I was getting a little bit bored with it, so I opted for the Rattling Run Trail, which leaves from the same parking lot. It kind of runs parallel to the SCRT, except that it’s on top of the mountain and not in the valley.

The obvious flaw in my plan was that I was going to have to get to the top of the mountain, which is no small feat given my general lack of conditioning.

But, I rocked the granny gear and, truth be told, did more pushing than riding at first, but I finally made it to the top. I was hoping for a nice panoramic view to take a picture of, but all I saw was haze.

So I turned around and got a very quick refresher course on descending on a mountain bike.

I was flying down the trail when I saw a medium sized log up ahead. Odd, I didn’t see that on the way up.

I figured with the 2.1″ nanoraptors, I’d be able to just roll over it anyhow.

I didn’t get the chance, the “log” slithered off the trail just before I would have hit it. I stopped the bike for a photo opp.


It’s our old friend, Mr. Rattlesnake. I guess this is his trail, seems like they named it after him.

I tried to talk to him for a bit, but he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Mostly, he just shook his tail and took up threatening postures while I took his picture.

He was a big fucker, too. As big around in the middle as my forearm. Look how big his rattle is!


Today: 10 miles
July: 133 miles
2007: 742 miles

Countryside Ride

I went for a ride in the countryside near Newville today.

I met a goat.

A goat

When he saw I was going to take his picture, he posed for me.

Posing Goat

There were sunflowers in some gardens.


This what most of the roads are like out there.

Farm Road

There are a lot of Amish people out here, but you aren’t supposed to take their pictures. It steals their souls or whatever.

Amish Alert

Today: 20 miles
July: 123 miles
2007: 732 miles


I thought it would be nice to eat my lunch in the woods today, so I packed a sandwich, and headed out to Stony Creek. I rode about 10 miles into the woods.

When I found a nice spot, I stopped, got out my Z-seat, plopped my butt down, ate my lunch, and kind of stared off into space for a bit.

While I was having deep thoughts about the woods, two white tail fawns walked out onto the trail, gave me a queer look, and bounced back into the bushes.

My lunch spot

It was a nice lunch.

Today: 20 miles
July: 103 miles
2007: 712 miles

Long Short Ride

I planned to just do a quick (5 mile) ride tonight, but I decided to check out an interesting looking dirt road through a corn field and ended up getting lost outside Boiling Springs.

I was starting to worry that the battery in my headlight might die before I made it home. I think there may be a dynohub in my future,

Today: 19 miles
July: 83 miles
2007: 692 miles

Baby Seat

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my bike. This weekend, I managed to get a ride in with Klinutus and Klinutor. I wanted to cruise around Milton and get some GPS logs for the map.

Klinutus had parental duties to attend to, so he bolted a child seat on his Bridgestone, and we were off.

Klinutus Jr. is ready to roll

No ride through Milton is complete without a picture of the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee factory. A long time ago, I had a job looking after the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee corporate network servers.

I used to get a discount on Beef-a-roni and everything. Ah, happy days…

The Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Factory in Milton

Anyways, all the excitement was too much for Klinutus Jr. He fell asleep before we made it back.

Klinutus Jr. sleeps

Saturday: 10 miles
July: 64 miles
2007: 673 miles

Holy Shit!

CNN is reporting that a Japanese nuclear power plant leaked radioactive water into the sea of Japan.

This can only mean one thing….

It's Gojira!!!

You have no chance to survive. Make your time!

Avoiding Sea Monsters

Low-head dams are very, very dangerous. Under most of these dams, there is a secret cave where sea monsters live, waiting to eat stupid kayakers who get too close.

Sunbury Fabridam

The world’s longest inflatable dam

When you approach a low head dam, you should get out, pick up your kayak, and walk around the dam, or else you will be eaten by the sea monsters. You should put your kayak in well downstream of the dam, because there are evil backwash currents that will try to pull you back under the waterfall in to secret cave where the monsters live. If this happens, the monsters will eat you.

Klinutor and I observe the fabridam

Klinutor and I observe the fabridam

Most sea monsters have tentacles less than 40 feet long, so as long as you stay at least 50 feet downstream, you should be safe.

Stay back 50 feet

It very clearly says to stay back 50 feet.

Once you are downstream, the sea monsters will use their mental telepathy to convince you that there are big-tittie mermaids on the other side of the waterfall. THIS IS A LIE! There is a sea monster on the other side of the waterfall who wants to eat you.

Klinutor Looks for the big tittie mermaids

Klinutor falls under the spell of the sea monster

Do not be fooled by the size of the dam. Even small dams can hide large sea monsters. Here we see Klinutor looking for the big tittie mermaids behind a very small dam.

Klinutor still seeks the mermaids

Klinutor about to be grabbed by a sea monster

It is a very tricky business to attempt to rescue someone once the sea monster has them. The sea monster has many tentacles and can deal with multiple opponents simultaneously.

Klinutus to the rescue!

Klinutus mounts a rescue attempt

Using only his kayak paddle and his pungent foot odor, Klinutus successfully rescues his brother from almost certain doom.

Once safely away from the sea monsters, you may relax and enjoy your day on the river.

A pretty island in the river

A pretty island in the river


It was pretty hot outside today, so I just stayed inside in the air conditioning, watching zombie movies until after dark.

After it cooled off, I took the Trek out for a ride. I have been riding the new Karate Monkey so much lately, the Trek was feeling neglected and the Nanoraptors don’t really care for the pavement anyway.

So, I’m cruising along a country road, watching the fireflies flicker across the corn fields, and generally having a lovely time. A moment later, the headlights of an overtaking car reveals three pairs of eyeballs in the roadway 50 yards in front of me.

The car passes me, and in a few moments, I see two pairs of eyeballs blinking in sync with my LED.

I flick on my “to see by” light, and behold a fearsome visage.

The two pairs of eyeballs belong to a pair of skunks, now about 10 yards off my front wheel.

A bad encounter with a skunk would definitely ruin my day, so I stop the bike and ponder my next move.

They don’t seem to care much about me, because in the middle of the road, sits the headless remains of a baby skunk. The other two are just sort of staring at their dead baby, seemingly not knowing what to do.

Now I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to ride through freshly-dead skunk guts, nor do I want to get sprayed by the mourning parents.

I stand there for a minute or so, until another passing car chases the mourners off the roadway. Then, I ride on, trying my best to avoid getting any stink on me.

I thought I was successful, but now that I’m home, showered, and sat next to the bike, I can definitely tell that I’ve drug stinky skunk funk into the house.

My cats seem to find the aroma very interesting, my girlfriend… not so much.

Today: 16 miles
July: 70 miles
2007: 679 miles