Bike Ride that Wasn’t

Girtong2 and I were going to ride the LVRT yesterday, but when we got to the trail head, it was pouring down thunder and lightning. So, we went to the bar to wait out the storm.

We got to telling stories, drinking beer and carrying on, and next thing we knew it was too late to ride. So, we drank more beer and told more stories and carried on for a bit longer.

Yesterday: 0 miles
July: 24 miles
2007: 633 miles

New Multi-Use Trail

This morning, I heard on the radio that there is going to be a new multi-use trail along the East Shore from Columbia to the Dauphin County line near Falmouth.

(Marietta) — A Lancaster County community plans to begin construction this fall on its portion of a ten-mile trail that’s to run from Columbia to the Dauphin County line. East Donegal Township Manager Barb Stoner says the project will involve paving a three and a-half mile stretch of the Northwest River Trail, as well as building a new boat launch. Stoner adds the project is as much about preservation as it is about recreation.

By my calculations, it would only be necessary to acquire about 5 miles of right-of way to connect this trail with the Conewago/LVRT.

The Columbia trail head is already served by PA Bike Route S, which will connects to Bike Route J and the YHRT.

I think having a trail to Falmouth will make it possible for more bicyclists to attend the Falmouth Goat Races in the fall. Goats and bicycles go nicely together.

Damned Birds

There is a large bush outside my bedroom window, and the birds who live in it have been waking me up at ungodly hours of the morning for the past few days. I decided to make use of the early morning sunshine today, and got a quick ride in before work.

Today: 9 miles
July: 24 miles
2007: 633 miles


Took the monkey back up to Stony Creek, where I encountered a woman out for a walk….with two llamas.

Today: 15 miles
July: 15 miles
2007: 624 miles