Farm Roads

I took a ride out into the farm country yesterday to map some of the roads between Newville and Shippensburg.


Corn with flowers creeping up

Don't fall in the shit lagoon

Farm country

Saturday: 21 miles
August: 26 miles
2007: 768 miles

Shimano Lighting – First Impressions

With the hot weather lately, I’ve been doing a lot of riding after dark. It’s always a hassle to remember to charge up my battery powered headlights. So, I finally decided to get a dynohub setup.

The UPS man delivered it today. I got a Shimano DH-3N71 laced to a Sun CR18 and a Shimano LP-R6000. I would have preferred the fancier Schmidt setup, but I have poverty issues, so the Shimano will have to suffice for the time being.

I just got back from a quick spin around the neighborhood, and I think this is going to work out nicely.

The Good:

  • I don’t really notice much (any?) drag from the hub. I did one fast descent on an unlit road, and I could see pretty well.
  • I like it that I can be out all night and not have to worry about getting stuck in the dark with a dead battery.
  • Moderately cheap. The Schmidt version of this setup would have cost about twice as much.

The Bad:

  • On slow climbs, the light really gets dim. That sucked.
  • The lamp has an LED blinkie that you can’t turn off, even in the daytime. I don’t like that.
  • The lamp looks all modern and plasticy, and really doesn’t jive with the retro groove I have going on with the Trek.

The Light

I think it’s worth the money to be able to stay out as long as I want, and to not have to dick around trying to find battery chargers and junk every time I want to ride my bike after dark.

Today: 5 miles
August: 5 miles
2007: 747 miles