2007 Goat Races (with video!)

Once again, man and goat have come down from the hills to gather in the shadow of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant to compete on the field of honor.

Three Mile Island
Three Mile Island

Is was a wonderful day for a goat race. The combatants were in peak form and ready for competition.
Don't fuck with me, buddy.
I am Goat, hear me roar.

This year, I got video of one heat of racing.

Although your fearless videographer risked life and limb to bring you this footage, no goats were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

No goats were harmed in the making of this blog entry
The first rule of goat club…

Great Minds Think Alike

My Karate Monkey
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype

There’s a small writeup / update on the status of the new Bombadil mountain bike on Riv’s site.

I really wanted one of these, but I got tired of waiting, so I got the Karate Monkey instead.
I probably saved myself a thousand bucks, but I don’t have any fancy lugs to look at.

Just Numbers

Full moon on the LVRT tonight, so I rode all the way up to Mount Gretna and back to Elizabethtown.

Tonight: 25 miles
September: 87 miles
2007: 897 miles

OSM Sightseeing

You may recall a few years ago, there was a big brouhaha because the school board in Dover, PA wanted to teach “Intelligent Design” in Biology class.

Of course, the whole thing was thrown out, but that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is that Dover, PA is now visible in OSM, so if you want to go see the High school to point and laugh, you can find your way there with OSM.

OpenStreetMap of Dover, PA

The High school is the purple area on the right. The middle school is the one on the left.


I decided to do a ride on the LVRT after dark last night.
It was pretty fun. You have to keep the hammer down to keep the generator spinning fast enough to make enough light to see. It gets pretty dark out there.

I was going about 20mph (there’s a very slight downhill grade) and a deer jumped out right in front of me. Pretty scary, he was maybe a foot off my front wheel, but he managed to jump away before we collided.

Last Night: 18 miles
September: 42 miles
2007: 852 miles


Girtong2 and I rode all of 8 miles on the LVRT today, before retiring to the Blue Bird for beer and nachos.

We should probably start riding on a bike trail that doesn’t have a bar right next to it…

Today: 8 miles
September: 24 miles
2007: 834 miles


Until today, I hadn’t ridden my bike in a month. I’ve been spending too much dicking around with realtors, I guess.

So, I went to the YHRT today and puttered around for 16 miles.

Bike and Picnic table

Howard tunnel on the YHRT

Today: 16 miles
September: 16 miles
2007: 826 miles