Williamsport Bar Map

What do you get when you combine data from the U.S. Government with hazy memories of drunken foolishness?

Bars in Williamsport

I’m sure there are several bars that I’m missing, but I just can’t remember where they are.

Next time I’m in town, I’ll take a notebook.

Klinutus Fall Down, Go Boom

Klinutus, looking for sympathy from the Danish hottie-pants bicycle chicks, forwarded me the story of his recent crash.

I took a ride tonight and had a car pull out in front of me. I
wouldn’t have hit them but it was enough to throw off my line and
cause me to not make the turn. I went down about 15-20MPH. Here are
some pictures of the aftermath. The bike took some minor damage too,
I am going to need to rewrap the handlebars. Funny thing was there
was an Amish guy riding his bike by when I wrecked.

Amish Guy: You crashed.
Me: Yup
Amish Guy: Are you alright?
Me: Yeah, I’m fine. (Trying to put my chain back on)
Amish Guy: Your knee is bleeding.
Me: It will be alright.
Amish Guy: Your arm is bleeding too.
Me: Its not that bad.
Amish Guy: I think you slide on the loose stones.
Me: Yeah.
Amish Guy: You crashed really hard.
Me: Yup

I really wanted to just get back on the bike and keep riding before I
had time to look at how bad my knee was or things started to stiffen

Road Rash

Road Rash
Vampire Kitty drinks blood!

If you are a hottie-pants Danish* bicycle chick, please paypal monies and/or email nude photos** to the Klinutus Bike Crash Fund.

* Nude photos of hottie-pants bicycle chicks of non-Danish nationalities also accepted. I will see that he gets to look at the picture, and watch me spend the money.

**Nude photos of Amish chicks will be deleted immediately.


Some of you may remember a little while ago, I said something to the effect of buying the “rattiest shit hole” house I could find.

Today, I entered into a contract to purchase a 117 year old house.


Unless the home inspectors give me a good reason to abort, this will be home.

It needs a lot of work, and I don’t even think I own a hammer at the moment.

When I got done signing the papers, and put down my pen, my Realtor told me that he “admired my sense of adventure”. Probably not a good sign…

On the bright side, I’ll be 9 miles from work, 4 miles from downtown, and 1 mile from Moe’s bar.

I ultimately got out of this contract due to an over abundance of termites in the woodwork.

Some Vacation Pictures

I’m back. I took about 600MB worth of pictures while I was gone. Most of them suck, but I’m proud of a few. Here they are. Click for big versions.

Sunrise with dune fencing

Sunrise through the weeds


Fish at the NC Aquarium

Turtles at the NC Aquarium

Roxy in the moonlight