2007 Retrospective

This is the first year I’ve kept consistent records about my bicycling mileage. I have no way to be sure, but it feels like I rode a lot less this year than in years past.

My mileage for 2007

At least now, I have a baseline against which to compare future year’s cycling accomplishments.

New Year Resolutions

  1. Weigh Less – I’m shooting for 100 pounds less. General lethargy, coupled with my fondness for curry and beer have inflated me to the point that bicycling and hiking are becoming much less pleasurable than before. The less I ride, the bigger I get, the bigger I get, the less I ride. This is a recipe for disaster. The line must be drawn here.
  2. Ride my bike more – I’m shooting for 2,000 miles. I bought a house within easy commuting distance to my office, and I’m taking an online class for the spring semester. I really have no excuse to use my car much anymore. This should help with goal #1, too.
  3. Crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. As soon as I’m back into fighting shape, you fuckers better run.

Now, I’m going to spend the last few hours of 2007 to use up what’s left of my curry and beer reserves.

Back on the Bike, Back on the Map

So, I just moved into a rather new housing development. It only shows up as a construction site in Yahoo’s satellite imagery. It also isn’t in the TIGER dataset.

Yahoo Images of my development

I managed to scrounge together my helmet and my GPS out of various cardboard boxes strewn around the garage. I rode my bicycle all over my development and now it’s mapped properly.

GPX log of my bike ride

This is why OSM kicks ass and takes names. I put my bike away less than an hour ago, and the fruits of my labour are already visible on the map.

I think this will probably be my last bike ride for 2007. I had set a goal of riding 2,000 miles this year, and I will miss that goal by about half. House-shopping and moving took a pretty big bite out of my bicycling time this year, so I’m hoping for 2000 miles in 2008.

Today: 1.5 miles
December: 16.5 miles
2007: 1061.5 miles

Home Sweet Home

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages:
Behold, the much-ballyhooed Bald Eagle State Forest, land of trees, home of elves, and wonderous place to ride your bicycle.

Here is a larger version, for your viewing pleasure.

The light green areas are State Forest Lands (tagged as landuse=forest) the dark green areas are either State Game Lands or Wilderness areas of the State Forest (tagged as natural=wood).

The DCNR data was scraped from the PDF maps published by the Commonwealth using the techniques described on the illustrious OSM Wiki.

Klinutus and I are going to attempt to GPS log all the mountain biking trails, which will make the cyclemaps even more stupendously magnificent than they already are.


We had a small fire at the old apartment yesterday morning. Cringer (my cat) somehow managed to urinate directly into an electrical outlet, which promptly burst into flames.

Apart from some scorch marks and a truly terrible smell of burnt cat piss, no real harm done, but it was scary as hell.

I didn’t want to leave the cats in a house that might burn down at any moment, so I evacuated them to the new house yesterday, and Brandi and I moved in today.

Klinutus, the Mad Taoist, and even my evil sister came down to help carry heavy items, and drive the U-Haul that was too big for me to handle. Saturdays this close to Christmas are quite valuable, so it was very nice for them to sacrifice one to help.

Anyhow, Bonius.com world headquarters is now located in Marysville. We have no cable or telephone at the moment, and I am stealing the neighbor’s wireless.

If you’ve been saving up your favorite Perry County jokes, this would be the time.

I Bought a House!

It’s official.
I signed the papers today.

I am the proud owner of a great big pile of debt!

I have a garage now. No more fights with the woman about bicycles in the living room.


A Question of Ethics

If you were about to move, and if your tropical fish was not moving with you, and if nobody wanted to adopt your fish, would it be less cruel to flush said fish down the toilet, where he may swim in filthy black nastiness for some time, or would it be better to end things quickly via the garbage disposal?

If anyone is in the market for a 10 gallon fish tank with 1 yellow tetra in residence, please let me know.

Update – 12/21/2007: I did manage to find someone to adopt my fish. Thanks for all the hate mail.

Is There a Cartographer in the House?

So, (with the help of some of the GIS people at the Fish and Boat Commission) I’ve discovered the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access web site, where I can download all sorts of data that I think would look nice on the map.

I am especially interested in the state forest lands, but DCNR seems to be using some strange coordinate system to encode its data. here is a snippet from a shpdumped shapefile.

Shape:94 (Polygon) nVertices=11, nParts=1
Bounds:( 62023.688, 947584.250, 0, 0)
to ( 64166.531, 949746.063, 0, 0)
( 62759.394, 949746.063, 0, 0) Ring
( 64166.531, 948741.125, 0, 0)
( 64119.191, 948596.063, 0, 0)
( 64087.996, 948391.750, 0, 0)
( 64000.742, 948226.938, 0, 0)
( 63855.379, 948124.750, 0, 0)
( 63704.660, 947851.188, 0, 0)
( 63629.269, 947729.188, 0, 0)
( 63583.801, 947584.250, 0, 0)
( 62023.688, 948750.750, 0, 0)
( 62759.394, 949746.063, 0, 0)

Does anyone know what sort of coordinates these are? They certainly aren’t lat/lon pairs.

This is what the projection file says. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m a total newbie at this stuff.


Golden Compass

I saw the Golden Compass movie. I liked it, Brandi hated it. We both loved the books. The amount of material removed from the books to make the movie was staggering, but I guess you have to do that, otherwise the movie would be 9 hours long.

I took the daemon quiz, and I got a crow. I was kind of hoping for a snow leopard, but them’s the breaks, I guess.

I guess y’all can pretend you know me and vote on my personality traits to see if I lied. Maybe I’ll get a snow leopard after all.