Cornholed for the Holidays

If you’re going to church for midnight mass or whatever, here’s an important safety tip: Don’t get cornholed.

This is from a coloring book by the Archdiocese of New York.

Don't get cornholed

A Bike Ride… And a New House!

I did not ride my bike at all in November. It is cold outside, and I have become a girlie man.

I was not going to ride today, either, but then I read about the large fella riding in 15°F weather, and Jill riding in -25°F weather, and I felt like a fool.

So, I got my cold weather stuff out of it’s cardboard box (we’re moving… more on that later). I rode the Greenbelt from City Island to Reservoir Park and back.

We’re supposed to get a snow / ice storm tomorrow. I have a pair of 26″ studded tires, but no bikes with 26″ wheels. Now I need some new 700c studded tires1, but money is going to be a bit tight for the time being, because I’m buying a new house!

Unlike my last termite-infested misadventure, this is a fairly new townhouse. It’s only 4.4 miles by bike to my office, it’s about 2 miles to the trailhead of the Darlington Trail.

My New Commute

I’ll also be about 30 minutes closer to my friends and family in the sasquatch-infested hills of Northern Pennsylvania.

I’m very excited. If all goes to plan, we should be moving in sometime around New Years.

Today: 15 miles
December: 15 miles
2007: 1060 miles

[1] Astute Gift-givers will notice that a pair of 700c studded bicycle tires have been added to my Amazon wish-list, just in time for the holidays.