Going Swashbuckling

Me and my kayak are heading out into the wilds for a few days to explore the waters of north central Pennsylvania, to slay sea monsters, and to win the affections of big-tittie mermaids.

Big Tittie Mermaid

I’ll be back next week sometime.


Today: 10 miles
May: 124 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 182
2008 Total Miles: 272 miles

Commuter Fuel

One of the challenges of bike commuting is trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Since my office is far from any restaurants, I have to pack in my lunch on days when I ride to work.

I think I may have found the ultimate commuter lunch:

Raja Foods makes a product called micro curry. It’s shelf stable (no refrigeration required). You pop it in the microwave at the office for 2 minutes, and shazam! you got vegan Indian food for lunch!

Because it’s shelf stable, it can sit in your panniers in the hot sun on the ride in, and you can keep several of them in a desk drawer at the office.

Swad Micro Curry

Add some Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (also shelf stable) and you’re all set.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

I got the curry on sale for $.99 and the rice was $1.50, so lunch is $2.50.

Today: 10 miles
May: 114 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 182
2008 Total Miles: 262 miles


Brandi and I took a walk around Wildwood lake today. We saw lots of animals.

I think I need a telephoto lens, and for sunny days like these, a neutral density filter would be nice, but I did the best I could with my proletarian equipment.

Blue Heron

A heron?


A frog

Black Crowned night heron

Evidently, that’s a Black Crowned Night Heron. Today is the first time I’ve ever seen one.

Obama on Bikes

It’s time that the entire country learned from what’s happening right here in Portland with mass transit and bicycle lanes and funding alternative means of transportation.

Read all about it at BikePortland.org, and look at the pictures. The number of bikes at the rally is very impressive.

New Bling for the Monkey

My riding this week has been seriously curtailed by a very gnarly saddle sore. In the meanwhile, I have made some modifications to my mountain bike.

New Cockpit for the monkey

I wasn’t really loving the mustache bars anymore, so I went with a more conventional setup. Those are Paul Thumbies and dura-ace barcons.

Not to leave things unbalanced, a pair of Obama spoke cards now orbit the rear hub.

Obama Spoke Cards

I think they match the Blue powdercoat very nicely.

Dietary Experimentation

The other day the Large Fella posted a tirade on the evils of the standard American diet.

I am in the middle of reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which also has kind of put me off the agricultural-industrial complex.

So, Brandi and I were out at our favorite Indian restaurant the other night, and I got a vegan curry.

It was very nice.

Then it dawned on me:

Veganism can be an excuse to eat Indian food everyday!

Holy shit!

So, for the past 24 48 hours month or so, I’ve not had any meat, eggs, or dairy. I’ve been eating all the curry I want, and aside from horrendous (weapons-grade) flatulence, all is well.

I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. I have basically no willpower, the paint is starting to peel from the walls, and my cats won’t come out from under the bed for fear asphyxiation.

It will be interesting to see how far I can take this experiment. Maybe I’ll be a very skinny, stinky bicycler in a few months.

cars are expensive

I had to go pick up my car from my mechanic today. Nobody was able to give me a lift, so I decided to ride my bike the 20 miles to the garage, and throw the bike on the roof rack for the ride home.

Along the way, I stopped by Cornerstone to rest and refuel myself with caffeine and an enormous oatmeal cookie. Cornerstone is the only coffee shop in the area with a bike rack, (as far as I’m aware) and I enjoy gawking at the faux-punk-rock barista girls.

Anyhow, I made it to my mechanic’s, and after coughing up nearly 2 week’s pay to get my car inspected, I am plotting ways to see that it stays in the driveway as much as possible.

The price of gas has recently passed the point where, for me, bicycle commuting is no longer just about making a political statement, or being a weirdo, or thumbing my nose at the Saudis. It can actually have a non-trivial impact to my financial bottom line.

I have dug through my records, and it looks like I have ridden 172 “utility miles” this year. I’m going to start tracking these miles separately from goofing-around recreational miles and see if that will motivate me to do more utility riding.

Larger Map of Today’s Adventure

Today: 22 miles
May: 94 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 172
2008 Total Miles: 243 miles