Bike to Work Day

We are having monsoon rains today, which put a bit of a damper on BTWD.

I didn’t see any other cyclers on the ride in today.

Today: 10 miles
May: 72 miles
2008: 221 miles

Commuters In the News

The local TV news did a segment today about bike to work week. They interviewed a couple of commuters and the guys at Pedal Pushers in Harrisburg.

Evidently, Pedal Pushers is swamped with people bringing in old bikes to get them tuned up for commuter duty.

That’s kind of encouraging.

Today: 10 miles
May: 62 miles
2008: 211 miles

Head for the Mountains

Head for the Mountains

Far be it for me to disregard the sage wisdom of a beer advertisement.

Saturday, I obediently loaded up my bicycle and drove to the confusingly-named town of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania to check out the newly-completed south end of the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

There was scenery in great abundance.


Baby Geese

Camp Site

Pine Creek

After about 11 miles or so, I beheld the most majestic visage of all; That great oasis of mountain hospitality: The Waterville Hotel.

The Waterville Hotel

This building is uniquely situated. The PCRT runs through its back yard, and BikePA Route G runs through its front.

BikePA Route G Sign

The establishment bills itself as a “Mountain Cookery and Saloon.”

Mountain Cookery

I stopped in for a bit of refreshment, as I was very thirsty.

I was somewhat conspicuous, as I was the only patron not decked out in camouflage clothing. It was turkey season, evidently, and the hunters had all come down from the mountains to catch a buzz for lunch.

At any rate, I enjoyed my sandwich and beverages, and headed back on the trail. I continued my northward trajectory for a few minutes, but the sound of a quart of beer sloshing around my innards told me it was time to turn back.

Saturday: 23 miles
May: 52 miles
2008: 201 miles

Investing Your Stimulus: Breezer

Breezer Citizen

Today’s installment : The Breezer Citizen

What’s good:

  • Fully equipped – fenders, rack, dynamo lighting, chain guard
  • Internally geared 3 speed rear hub – No need to get one’s hands greasy performing drive train maintenance
  • Built-in lock – Will do little more than keep honest people honest, but perhaps you live amongst honorable people

What’s bad:

  • Only available in three sizes – very tall or very short people may have problems finding a good fit

Since the Breezer Citizen comes so completely equipped, the only necessary additions are a helmet and a raincoat.

Giro Makai Helmet

A Giro Makai Helmet will help keep you safe from head trauma, while the inflammatory design informs passersby of your demonic disposition.

Showers Pass Touring

The Showers Pass Touring Jacket is made from technological marvel fabrics, which allow perspiration to evaporate, whilst keeping the rain at bay. Although it may be had in a variety of colors, the bright “Yelling Yellow” is more likely to be seen by motorists on a gloomy, rainy day.

Right, on to the numbers:

Breezer Citizen $580
Giro Makai $45
Showers Pass Touring Jacket $145
Total: $770

Breezer Bikes are available from Breezer Dealers.

Video Blogs are Stupid

But I’m doing it anyways.

Here’s my very first ever video blog (silent movie style) of yesterday’s ride on the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail.

It features Me, Klinutus, a goat, and my evil sister.


Today: 19 miles
May: 19 miles
2008: 168 miles