DC Cyclemap starting to come together

There is a lot of cycling infrastructure in the DC area, and some of it is starting to appear on the OSM cyclemap!

I was in the general vicinity last week for a business trip, and I saw lots of bicycle commuters in Rockville and Bethesda.

River Trip

I’ve been a little busy with some work-related stuff, but I finally got time to post pictures from my river trip.


We camped out at Black Moshannon State Park Friday night, so we’d all be packed up and ready to go first thing Saturday morning.

The weatherman was predicting rain for the whole weekend. Fortunately, he is totally incompetent.

Nice Weather for a canoe trip

Beautiful day

This stretch of the river has no towns or development of any kind. There aren’t even any roads along it, only an old (abandoned?) railroad track. So, even though our choice of legal campsites was quite limited, the selection of good campsites was practically infinite.

Once we made camp, a series of thunderstorms forced me to cook dinner under my tarp, but the storms moved through quickly.

Making dinner under my tarp

After the storms had passed, we hung out around the campfire.

Evil sister, klinutor, and me

While I abstained from intoxicating liquors, some of the crew imbibed deeply.

Klinutus is a drunken fool

Sunday morning, those of us without hangovers went down to the riverbank, made coffee, and took panoramic photographs of the foggy river.

The view from our campsite

The view from our campsite — Click for big

After the fog burned off, we had another nice, sunny day on the water

I made a google map of the trip, in case anyone wants to try to reproduce our results.

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