Brandi and I went for a short ride on the CVRT today.

She is no longer happy riding my hand-me-down B17s. I think I’m going to get her a B68s.

Today: 8 miles
August: 132 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 244
2008 Total Miles: 508 miles

Who’s Up for Some Bike Camping?

I was talking to The Sloth after critical mass the other night, and we mulled over the idea of doing an overnight bike-camping trip to do the Pine Creek Rail Trail, ideally in full leaf season (Early October maybe?).

This would be a slow, meandering ride, with many stops to take pictures, scratch our butts, and enjoy the quiet of the wilderness.

The trail is about 70 miles long, so we would ride about 35 miles each day, unless everyone wants to skip some of the less scenic southern sections.

We’ll need to secure a camping permit from DCNR, so we’re gonna need a headcount and we’ll have to pick a weekend fairly soon.

If interested, please leave a comment, or send me an email and let me know which weekend works best for you.

  1. Sept 27 – 28
  2. Oct 4th – 5th
  3. Oct 11 – 12
  4. Nov 1st – 2nd (I can’t do Oct 18 or 25)

I did this by myself last year, and it was really nice.

Tex, Expedia says round-trip airfare from SDF to MDT is $206.00. You know you want to come.

August Critical Mass

About 10 of us braved the rain, and rode all around Harrisburg last night. I didn’t bring my camera, for fear of water damage. So no pictures for me. I’m pretty sure I saw somebody else with a camera, so I’m sure pictures will emerge soon enough.

Yesterday: 6 miles
August: 124 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 244
2008 Total Miles: 498 miles


Very sticky, humid ride in today.
When I arrived, I discovered that forgot my towel, and had to dry off with my sweaty shirt.


Today: 10 miles
August: 118 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 244
2008 Total Miles: 474 miles


I’ve been spending too much time riding along the river and on rail trails.

My evil plans to conquer the world will never succeed if I can’t ride my bicycle up hills. So today, I decided to head west, away from the river, and into the Appalachian foothills near my house.

I was planning to ride to the AT, and turn around and ride back – about 16 miles round trip.

I knew it was gonna be a roller coaster ride with the hills, so I cranked down each hill as hard as I could to keep my momentum for the grind up the next one.

I survived about 4.5 miles of this before my legs melted and my lungs caught fire.

So, I turned around.

Today: 9 miles
August: 108 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 234
2008 Total Miles: 464 miles

Stolen Bike Alert!

Yesterday, some evil shitface stole a bike from the 900 block of 2nd street. If you see it, or know anything about it, the owner is offering up $150.00, no questions asked.

It’s a black Trek Antelope with purple lettering, and a small sticker on the downtube that says Smith’s Cyclery in Cleona.

Here’s the original Craigslist ad:

Today, August 18th, between 1PM and 6PM, someone stole my bicycle that was securely locked to a pole in the 900 block of Second St. The bike is a black Trek Antelope, with purple lettering, bar ends, two water bottle cages with slim, slick road tires. I’M OFFERING A $150 REWARD FOR THE LOCATION OR RETURN OF THE BIKE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Please, if someone notices it around the city, please contact me with the location, I will get it back myself.

To the asshole who decided they wanted it – thanks a lot! I commute to work over 10 miles a day on that bike, everyday. I have no other mode of transportation! If I see you riding my bike around the city, I’m taking it back. If you bought this bike from someone, I still don’t care, I’m taking it back!

Books: A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet

This was another free download from Manybooks. I had never read a Sherlock Holmes book before, so it seemed to make sense to start at the beginning.

It’s kind of a goofy story told by Dr. Watson; recently returned from the war in Afghanistan.

You get to lean how Holmes and Watson met, and came to be roommates. As one would expect from a Sherlock Holmes story, there’s a bizarre murder to solve, which Holmes figures out quite easily, after jumping though various logical hoops.

The books is split into two parts. The first part ends so suddenly, and the second part is so different from the first, I thought I accidentally started reading a different book.

The second part takes place in Utah, and says all sorts of terrible things about Mormons. I rate Mormonism second only to Scientology as the silliest religion in the world, so I didn’t find this part at all offensive, though others evidently did.

On the whole, it was fun to read, but Watson’s apparent idiocy and worship of Holmes’s mental faculties seemed out of place for so educated a man.

Dr. Watson is a Doctor, after all.

I give A Study in Scarlet 3 Jihadis out of 5.

3 Jihadis out of 5