Quantifiying Politics

I just took one of those online politics tests ,where you answer a bunch of questions, and it tells you what your politics are.

Apparently, I am a lefty libertarian.

I’m glad to be in the same quadrant with Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.

I suspect that this thing isn’t terribly scientific, but it’s fun anyway.

September Critical Mass

Low turnout tonight. I counted 7. We got a little wet, but nobody melted.
Next month’s ride is on Halloween!

Today: 9 miles
Sept: 164 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 330
2008 Total Miles: 699 miles

Critical Mass Tonight

6:00PM Front and Walnut.
Here’s a map, so you can find us.

It might be a little drizzly out tonight, but don’t let that make you into a lamer. It rained last month, and everybody had fun anyhow.


Since the stock market is obviously a steaming pile of arse, I have decided to start investing my nest egg in fine art.

Today, the postman brought me my very first piece of original artwork – signed the artist and everything.


That’s right, bitches. I am now the proud owner of an original explodingdog drawing.

In a few months, I bet this will be worth more than my 401(k).

Commuter Hygiene

Commuting tip of the day:

Packtowels dry super fast.

A 10″x14″ personal packtowel makes a good washcloth. Wring it out after your shower, and hang it in your handlebars, or under your desk. It’ll be dry before lunchtime.

If you also use the full size packtowel to dry off with, it will dry by the end of the workday.

This way, all your stuff will be dry and you won’t have to fart around with smelly laundry at the end of the day. They roll up super small, and don’t take up very much space in your pannier.

I used to use a regular washcloth and just keep it in a ziplock bag, and it would smell like rotten ass by the time I rode home. These are definitely an improvement.

Today: 10 miles
Sept: 155 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 330
2008 Total Miles: 690 miles

Ride to the store

I put a cheapie nashbar lowrider rack on the front of the Trek, in anticipation of the upcoming camping trip. I rode to the quickie-mart pick up some groceries and make sure everything worked.

It still needs some adjustment, but I made it home ok with 14 pounds of cargo up front.

Today: 3 miles
Sept: 145 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 320
2008 Total Miles: 680 miles

Books: The Island of Dr. Moreau

I just finished another wonderful freebie from Manybooks.net.

I watched the movie version of this a long time ago, but never got around to reading the book.

It’s a really good book. There’s lots of interesting discussion of the differences between deities and men, and between men and animals.

There’s a particularly funny part where the narrator has to invent a religion, on the spot, to keep from being eaten by a mob of angry monsters.

Animals become men, men become animals, and all sorts of hell breaks lose.

4 Jihadis out of 5

I give The Island of Dr. Moreau 4 Jihadis out of 5

Stony Creek – The whole shebang

I rode the whole way from Dauphin out to the Lebanon Reservoir. After a brief interlude for sandwiches and tea, I turned around and rode the whole way back to Dauphin.

I had never done the whole trail before, so that’s one to scratch off my list.

Lebanon Reservoir

Tea Time

This is my longest ride so far this year, and my longest ride ever on the Karate Monkey.

Today: 40 miles
Sept: 142 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 317
2008 Total Miles: 677 miles