Bagpipes and Ale

Girtong and I went to see the Highland Games at a local Celtic festival yesterday. It was a long day in the sun, drinking ale, listening to bagpipes, and fighting off pirates.

Fighting a Pirate

After I dispatched this ruffian, I returned to my ale, and danced a festive jig.
[flv: 480 384]

Our ale-drinking privileges were revoked shortly thereafter.

Little Boxes

Here’s a little something for Weeds fans, courtesy of the rusty trombone


Bike Lane at my Front Door!

I just got a letter from the borough today. They are repaving the street in front of my house, and when they’re done, it’s going to have a bike lane on it!

Woo Hoo!

More Trombone Music

Another Beatles tune on the Craigslist Rusty Trombone.

I probably should have turned the mic down a bit. Seems like I have some clipping issues in addition to my intonation, lip flexibility, and overall suckiness issues.


LVRT update

The other day, I saw on Doc’s blog that the LVRT finally got completed to Lebanon.

So yesterday, I went out to scope the new trail. I parked at the trailhead in Cornwall and rode to the point where the trail used to end, but it didn’t end. It went over the fancy new bridge, and it’s paved(!!!) all the way to 8th st.

Just before the bridge, there’s a new spur trail (also paved) that takes you to South Hills Park.

South Lebanon Township Trail


On the way back, I rode out to the park. It’s a nice park. I found a lovely bench in the shade and sat down to space out and relax for a while.

The trail is eventually going to go to the High School / Middle School, but you can pretty much ride there through the park now.

I gps logged the new parts of the trail, and you can now see the new hotness on OpenStreetMap.

View Larger Map

In other news, the new Rail Trail in Lewisburg is coming along nicely, despite grumblings from local yahoos.

Terrible Trombone Music

I played the Trombone from 5th to 11th grade, then I stopped playing. 11th grade was about 17 years ago. For reasons that don’t really make sense, I have recently acquired a 1960’s vintage Conn Director Trombone from Craigslist. It’s beat to hell, dented and crusty.

I have already heard all the “I got a Rusty Trombone from Craigslist” jokes, so please no more.

Despite its battered condition, I’m sure it’s capable of producing satisfactory music in the hands of a more competent musician than me.

In my hands, it makes sounds that are pretty awful.

For your listening pleasure, and because I don’t have much else of interest to blog about at the moment, I have recorded my pitiful attempts to make music.