PCRT Ramble Spoke Cards

I was thinking maybe we should make up some spoke cards for people who come to the PCRT ramble, the way those Ride Lugged guys do.

I don’t have their artistic abilities, but this is my general idea.

Spoke Card

I blatantly ripped off the design from the sign on the Cedar Run General Store, perspective-corrected it, vectorized it, re-rasterized it, and threw some text on top.

I should probably find a way to work a bicycle into the design somehow.

In 20 years, when the Ramble is a world-famous annual event, other people will be really jealous when they see this card, proving that you were a founding member of the PCRT ramble.

Surly Nice Rack on a Karate Monkey Fork

I like to take a lot of stuff with me when I go into the woods. Stuff like my camera, my lunch, maybe a book. You know, stuff.

I’ve not been riding my Karate Monkey very much lately, because it doesn’t have a good way to carry stuff.

So, I decided to get a rack for it.

The chainstays on the Karate Monkey are really short, and I wear size 15 shoes. I worried that with a rear rack, I’d be kicking my panniers with every pedal stroke. So, I opted for a front rack.

The Karate Monkey’s fork is made out of some really big tubing, so the front rack I already had for the Trek was not going to work.

I searched the internets high and low for ideas of what rack to get. I kind of had my mind pretty much made up that I wanted a Surly Nice Rack. Unfortunately, a google images search for “Nice Rack Front Karate Monkey” yielded no pictures. Evidently I am the first person in the history of the world to try this.

Anyhow, I talked to the people at Pedal Pusher. They weren’t sure, but they said they’d check with QBP before they ordered it for me (they didn’t have any in stock).

The result is that henceforth, people searching for pictures of Karate Monkeys with Nice Front Racks will not search in vain.


Surly Nice Rack (Front) on a Karate Monkey

It was a kind of a pain in the butt to get mounted, but it does fit.

In the picture, it looks like the rack isn’t level, but it is level in real life. The wheel was turned a little bit when I took the picture.

This was the first time I’d ever dealt with Pedal Pusher, and now I know why everybody says they are so kick ass. They totally are.

It strikes me as the kind of shop you’d expect to find Yehuda Moon working at. I didn’t see him there. Maybe it was his day off.

First Impressions: Lumotec IQ Fly N-Plus

I ordered a new headlight for my bike. The UPS man dropped it off today. I got it all mounted up and took it out for a short ride after the sun went down.

Lumotec IQ Fly

My old headlight was a Shimano LP-R6000, so that’s all I have to compare it with.

The bottom line is that Lumotec is dramatically better in almost every way. It’s brighter. Way brighter. It lights up the whole road, even at ridiculously low speeds. When I got off to push up a hill, it was still nice and bright.

The Shimano light is pretty much worthless when you go too slow, and if you have to push up a hill in the dark, you’re SOL.

The Lumotec also has a capacitor that keeps the light running even when you stop. I stopped along the river to fart around and listen to the geese, and it stayed lit for 5 minutes. I don’t know how much longer it would have stayed on. The geese weren’t that interesting, so I left.

The Shimano light just turns off when you stop pedaling. That sucks when you come to a stoplight.

The only thing I don’t like about the Lumotec is the mounting bracket that comes with it pretty much has to be mounted on the fork crown, and I had to improvise some shims to get it installed.

The Lumotec is pretty expensive, too, but I think it’s worth it if you’re like me, and like to ride slowly and have to get off to push on the hills.

2nd Annual Pine Creek Ramble

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Sloth and I are planning to re-enact last year’s PCRT trip. If anyone wants to come along, come along.

It goes like this:

We ride about 35 miles, stop to camp, then ride another 35 miles or so the next day. We ride slowly. We stop frequently to take pictures / tell stories / goof around.

Then, there’s the traditional ice cream / Root Beer stop at the Cedar Run General Store.

Cedar Run General Store

You will not have a problem keeping up with us.

We’re looking at either the weekend of Oct. 17 or Nov 14th. Drop a comment if you’re interested.

Waterville Hotel in Google Street View

The mighty Google Van has made its way to Waterville, where you can see the recently remodeled and touristified Waterville Hotel Tavern.

View Larger Map

Somehow it just doesn’t seem quite as authentic as it was when it was an all NASCAR / Deer-hunting hole in the wall like it used to be when it billed itself as a “mountain cookery and saloon“.

Old Waterville Hotel

If you move north a few clicks, you can see the pine creek rail trail connector in the parking lot.

High Adventure

As promised, I took my bike, my hammock, and a book to Stony Creek and did absolutely nothing all morning.

Hanging in my hammock along Stony Creek

I should have brought some bug repellent. The mosquitoes along the creek just about bled me dry.

Amische Damen: Achtung!

Summer Semester is finally over, and I’m now officially qualified to sweet-talk Amish ladies right out of their homespun dresses.

I got an A!

I plan to celebrate by riding my bike into the woods, stringing up my hammock, and doing absolutely nothing for at least a whole day.

On Topic for Once

I rode my bike today for the first time in a long time.

Girtong and I went for a ride on the LVRT.

The trail was very busy. I’d say demand for rail trails exceeds the available supply. There were also lots of people walking dogs and not picking up the poop. Disgusting.

After that we went down to the bar for some refreshment.

If you live in a part of the country where you can’t get Lancaster beer, you should probably move.