Bike Advocacy

Last night I attended the very first ever (as far as I know) local bike advocacy meeting in Harrisburg.

By my count, about a dozen 19 people showed up. We had representatives from the Greenbelt Association, the Harrisburg Bicycle Club, Recycle Bicycle, PA Walks and Bikes, and a few unaffiliated cyclists like me.

From what I gathered, the general idea is that this group intends to be the local version of what PA Walks and Bikes is for the State, and what the Bike League is at the national level.

A couple of pieces of good news that I learned about last night:

Lots of good stuff going on.

I think the plan is to hold these meetings monthly, and maybe include a ride with them once the weather gets nicer. I think the consensus was the last Wednesday of every month at the Midtown Scholar on 3rd St. in Harrisburg.

You should come next time.