Caveman Fail – Random updates – Sleep-deprived ramblings

So, it’s just about the end of the 1st quarter of the year, and My New Year’s resolutions are falling to pieces.

I had some pretty gruesome dental surgery done early last month, which gave me a ready-made excuse to live entirely off Shamrock Shakes and mashed potatoes for the past six weeks. I’m no paleontologist, but I’m pretty sure Shamrock shakes were not available to cavemen.

My weight loss has pretty much stalled out at around 20 pounds for the year, and I need to get back on the wagon with the whole Paleo thing.

According to ISO 8601, this is the 12th week of the year, and I’m down 20 pounds, so I’m still ahead of my one-pound-per-week plan, but just barely.

In bicycling news, I’m still getting my new Cross-Check put together, but I’m having some trouble fendering the massive 700×47 Schwalbe marathons, which has me pulling my hair out. I really don’t want to buy a smaller pair of tires, so I may just end up having to live with a skunk stripe on wet days.

Surly says the CC frame will take 700×45 with fenders, and the 700x47s I have only really measure 41.5mm wide on the rims I’m using. I thought everything would work, but maybe Surly meant it would take things labeled as 45, which are actually much smaller than that in real life, I don’t know.

In any event, I want the bike together for the PA Walks and Bikes Summit on May 4th (mark your calendars!)

We’re also having our Bike-The-Burg local advocacy meeting this Wednesday (March 30th) at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore from 7-9PM. If you like bikes, and want to talk about bike advocacy and whatnot, come to the Bookstore at 7.

First Impressions: Riv Poncho

In case you were wondering, the Rivendell rain poncho seems to fit – more or less – even if you’re 6’5″ tall and rather corpulent.

Rivendell Rain Poncho

It might be a tad too big for the Sloth, though.

Sloth modeling the riv rain cape

I haven’t tried it while bicycling yet. I’ll report back when I do. The only complaint I have so far is that my shoulders are a little too wide for it, and so it kinda bunches up on top.

Weekend Project

I put together a new bike this weekend.

I still have some cable-routing problems to solve, and some fine-tuning to do, but I think this will be a pretty nice bike.