Ride: Nancy’s D-Lite

By way of training for our proposed Metric Century, Sloth and I did a ride yesterday. Sloth found a book of routes / maps / queue sheets from the Harrisburg Bicycle Club. (They also have some of these online as PDFs).

Anyhow, we picked out what looked like an easy one – 17 miles of gently rolling hills outside Mechanicsburg. The route was titled Nancy’s D-Lite. I don’t know who Nancy is, but her route was very nice. There was probably less than a mile of roads with any traffic at all, and the scenery was good.

What few hills we had were short, and generally not overly steep. I was very proud of myself for not walking any of them, AND not shifting down into the granny at all.

We stopped somewhere in the middle to take really blurry cell-phone pics, which look especially terrible when stitched together as a panorama.

Sloth and Bikes

Anyhow, it was a nice ride. Just tough enough to make my legs a little tender today, but not so bad that I was totally worthless for the rest of the day. We passed several full-zoot lycra-clad roadies, with the requisite crabon bikes and STI, etc. Sloth and were keeping it real in full retrogrouch style. I had lugs and barcons, sloth was rocking 650b wheels and downtube shifters. We both had shiny metal Velo-Orange fenders. Despite our being the classiest fuckers in the whole county, the roadies mostly waved or at least nodded at us, instead of looking at us with sneering derision as they so often do.

It was only 17 miles, and we have lots and lots of longer rides to go on before we’re ready for 63 miles, but it’s a start. I gps logged the whole thing, and here’s a map of it, if you’re familiar with Mechanicsburg.

Nancy's Delight

Anyways, we have lots more queue sheets to pour over. Maybe we’ll try a 20-25 miler for next time.

No more dick-monkeying around!

New Goal: Metric Century

So, I was talking to the Sloth the other day. Over a beer or two, we decided to try for a metric century sometime this fall. For those of you not conversant in bicycle lingo, a metric century is a 100 kilometer ride. This works about to about 62 miles.

We’re thinking of doing the route of the Covered Bridges Metric Century, but on a different day, so we can do it in our own lethargic self-supported way. We need to cover the 62 miles in 24 hours for it to count as a single ride, and it may well take us the whole 24 hours with all the dicking around we typically do.

I think the longest ride I’ve ever done was about 50 miles, so this will put me into uncharted territory, and might even make it seem like I accomplished something worthwhile this year.

I guess I better start upping my miles in the interests of getting in shape.

In other news, I’m down about 29 pounds for the year on the half-assed caveman diet, but I’m hoping some productive bathroom time will make it an even 30.