Year in review, Resolutions, etc.

So, this year is pretty much shot. Around this time last year, I made some New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s see how I did.

Resolution Outcome
Lose 52 pounds Fail! Lost 20 pounds
Ride 1820 miles Fail! Rode 742 miles
Ride the big hill without walking Success!
Fit into my MUSA pants Success!
Ride a metric century Fail! Never even tried

One other accomplishment – I didn’t list this as a resolution, but I did manage to finish my degree program at Penn State this year.


Being a grown-up with a job, mortgage, etc. and going to night school is a good way to loose your mind. It eats up all your free time, and leaves you with very little time to pursue other goals.

I’m going to blame part of my resolution failure on that damn degree. I was actually doing pretty well with my bike / fitness goals up until school started in August.

Lard Ass Log

I was losing weight at a lovely clip until August, then everything went to shit, and I gained back half of the 40 pounds I lost.

2011 Dailymile stats

My cycling mileage numbers were starting to get respectable (for me, at least) until August, as well.

At any rate, I won’t have school to use as an excuse this year, so here’s what I’m gonna try to do in 2012:

Lose another 70 pounds
The primal/paleo thing seemed to work for me, as long as I stuck to it. I lost 40 pounds in 7 months on it — an average of about 6 pounds a month. If I can maintain 6 pounds a month through the whole year, I should be down 72 pounds for the year. That would be huge. I know bicycling was a hell of a lot more fun when I was lighter.

Ride 1000 miles
There’s really no reason this shouldn’t be doable. I’ve done more than this in years past. I’d only have to ride my bike to work 100 times to meet this, and that’s not even counting recreational rides on the weekends, etc.

Metric Century
Leftover goal from last year. I’m even setting a date, so I don’t put it off and think I’ll “get to it sometime.” September 29th, 2012. This is happening, come hell or high water.

I think those are goals enough. I have more, but I’ll probably have enough trouble meeting these.

So, if anyone out there still reads this blog, happy new year! I hope you have good luck with whatever you want to accomplish in 2012.