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Check it out: This is the first time ever Harrisburg is going to do something cool to celebrate bike month! They’re closing a big chunk of Front Street to cars, so you can bring your kids and whoever else, and ride all over the place without having to worry about traffic.

Read all about it:

Overlap in the Fleet

I did a little research on frame geometry, and the numbers show that two of my bikes are pretty darn similar. My 1987 Trek 520 and my 2010 Surly Cross-Check stack up like this:

Trek 64.7 72.7 72 58.9 45.5 5.2 6.5 108.1
CC 64.5 72 72 61.0 42.5 4.4 6.6 105.5

The cross-check has shorter chainstays, and a longer top tube. The Cross-check also takes monster truck tires, while the Trek tops out around 38mm. I’m thinking a drivetrain switcheroo might be in order. The CC could easily be my primary bike, but it isn’t because the Sturmey Archer gearing is a little too high for most of the hills around here.

With a wide gear range, and suitable tires, the CC might be the better bike for 99% of all the riding I do, and the Karate Monkey would probably be better for the other 1%.

Not sure what I’d do with my beloved Trek, then.

Decisions, Decisions.